Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Love Leather

Free People Pieced Vegan Motorcycle Jacket

We are hitting that season where the weather begins to cool down. The mornings are chilly but the sun still shines all day long. Then, as the sun sets over the horizon the chill of night begins. While I love this season I distinctly don’t like to be cold or chilly. It is the perfect time of year to break out the leather jackets. While a tweed jacket or bulky sweater can do the trick, leather looks cool.


There are new leather looks this season. One of my favorites is AllSaints Rixey leather bomber jacket. The bodice is smooth black leather and the sleeves are deep wine colored quilted leather. It is an interesting look and different from your standard bomber leather jacket. I like when designers take the ordinary and functional and jazz it up a little to make it stand out. Not that a standard leather jacket isn’t super functional. It is a great look for that in between season when the weather is changing.

Kristen Stewart in AllSaints Rixey Leather Bomber

Leather looks great with a pair of jeans and can make your outfit a little dressier. If you wear jeans and tennis shoes during the day, switch out the tennis shoes for boots or heels, change the t-shirt to a sparkly tank and top the entire outfit with a leather jacket. You’re ready for a night on the town and you’ll keep warm to boot. I also love the look of chunky stainless steel jewelry with leather. After all, who doesn’t want to look a little tough?


Put a little thrill in the chill with a leather jacket. They are a lot more versatile than you think and now come in a variety of looks. Leather was really big on the runway and this usually translates into a hot fashion trend. While I wouldn’t suggest leather for the office, it is an awesome look for just about anywhere else. You can wear it out for an evening on the town or just around town. So I’ll be dusting off the leather jacket and wearing it real soon. I’ve already broken out the suede booties, why not leather?


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  1. Love the jacket...very cool! I have never seen a leather jacket that looks quilted.