Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Can Find Jewelry Anywhere

A good selection

As many may know I’m in Reno Nevada. I have family who live in the area so I make the trip from the bay area fairly regularly. I’ve been doing this for years. Reno is usually known for its casinos. It’s like Las Vegas only on a three quarter scale. Other than the casinos, Reno has a load of shopping. In particular there are places known as “Indian Smoke Shops.” Although I don’t believe they are all selling strictly tobacco products.


Reno is located in Washoe County and I found out the name is an Anglicization of the name Wa-She-Shu. This was the name of the American Indian tribe that lived in this area many years ago. There are still members who live in the area and some are artisans and craftsmen who keep up some of the old traditions. I found this out when I went into an Indian Smoke Shop. While I’m not sure they are all the same, the one I visited had jewelry.

 Even stars love Native American jewelry
I spoke with the owner who said they had been in this location for 40 years. It was smaller at one time but had grown. She had beautiful turquoise and silver jewelry that was made by local artisans. She also had a good selection of handmade moccasins with beading. I was told they were popular as slippers. Her son worked in the business and also made jewelry in their store. I could see him working at his bench when I visited.


There was plenty of silver jewelry and also some sculptures, pottery and woodworking. It was a very interesting mixture and quite eclectics. It was wonderful to see so many interesting Native American crafts all in one place. So it’s kind of fun to be in a different place with such interesting things. I’m going to use this week to look at things through different eyes. Everyone needs a new perspective.
Beautiful turquiose


  1. Beautiful turquoise jewelry. That picture of Eva Mendes is gorgeous - I was hoping to see more collars like that on the red carpet this year!

  2. I love the look of a statement collar.

  3. Such beautiful jewelry!! I love that you offer a different side of Reno for all of us. It is a nice alternative to the thought of casinos and smoke!

  4. Yup, I think most people do think of casinos first and all the other stuff second. It's actually pretty interesting up here. It is the ninth largest city in Nevada. Lots of shopping.

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