Monday, September 24, 2012

Here I am in Reno Nevada

Due to an illness in the family I’m spending the week in Reno Nevada. Not exactly the high fashion capital of the world, although it is the biggest little city in the world. It’s kind of fun to get away from all the work associated with running a business. It’s a different kind of work which can be good as a change of pace. We all need to clear out heads once in a while. To get away from the ordinary mundane tasks which all have to do day in and day out.


I have a friend who likes to “go off the grid” once in a while. I believe it is a good idea so you can decompress. As a writer, it is not always easy to write each and every day. To come up with a new idea and express an opinion or a thought in a coherent manner, it’s not always possible. So today is a short note so you will all know why I’m not posting my usual blog information.


Although being here in Reno isn’t all bad. Hope you enjoy the photos. As you can see the house backs up to a gold course which is inhabited by beautiful geese and fabulous scenery. It is also quiet and restful. Hope everyone has a great day and maybe tomorrow I’ll have enough information to write a blog about jewelry. Although probably not, it is way too easy to sit on the back porch and drink coffee and watch the sun rise and set over the horizon. Ahh, it's a tough life.


  1. Very nice pictures! I would say that is a different view of Reno and one I have never seen, a much prettier side. Sorry that you are away for unhappy reasons but I do hope that you enjoy your time "offline" and enjoy the scenery and rest.

  2. Thanks so much. I guess there are worst places to be and this side of Reno is actually quite nice.