Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heading Home

Calli is cute at times...

I’ve been in Reno all week and am going home today. I truly miss my own bed and will be glad to get home. Traveling is always fun but there is no place like home. Today’s blog is not related to jewelry or even travel or the city of Reno, which has been my topic most of the week. I’ve looked up some interesting facts about Reno and the state of Nevada. I’ve been staying in my mother in law’s house this week and she has a sassy little cat.

 Although when I'm sleeping she can be hard to take...

I haven’t had a cat for quite some time so this has been a real experience. This cat is also quite a character so it has been interesting. First off this cat is an attention hound. She will seek out people to sleep on or just wants to be the center of attention. She also doesn’t like a closed door. If she is feeling lonely she will stalk through the house looking for someone to hang with and if a door is closed she makes it known that she wants it opened. She will meow, or stick her paw under the door and rattle it till you open it.

 She really wanted some attention

Don’t try and sleep in with this cat, she doesn’t like that. In fact she seems to enjoy waking me up most morning. I’ve even sent her in to wake up Mom if she is still sleeping. It’s kind of funny to see the cat head to her room and then hear Mom tell the cat to leave her alone. It always makes me chuckle. It is actually amazing to see the cat go to another room when you tell her to wake someone up. So while the cat and Mom have been fun, I will enjoy going home. I’m pretty sure my hubby is missing me badly; he called twice yesterday to talk.

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