Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Week Begins

Look at all the pretty clothes

Fashion Week is being held from September 6th through September 13th in New York. It is the highlight of every fashionista’s season. Once again I will sit home and watch the news from afar. One day I will pack my bags and go, even without an invitation to a show. I’m sure there are plenty of up and coming designers with so few attendees that they will allow walk-ins. I have to admit that Fashion Week is much more interesting than the political conventions taking place.


Fashion Week is when all the designers roll out their latest creations. They show us what they think will be the hottest trends for the upcoming season. We will be shown spring 2013 fashions this week and I am hoping there are a lot of people present with Instagram. I’ve already seen some pictures of Peter Som’s show courtesy of The Bag Snob, I follow on Facebook. For all of us stuck in mundane jobs far from all the action, we can be there vicariously through social media.

There's even jewelry
Social media is a huge benefit to events like Fashion Week. It brings many more people to various shows and opens the doors to those who might otherwise be excluded. There are a finite number of seats at these shows. The designers must love it. They can literally show their designs to the world. This is an important aspect of NYFW. Getting butts in the seats can make or break a show, but having your designs go viral on a social media platform can turn a show into a super success and the hottest fashion trend of the season. Who doesn’t want that?


So while I am stuck in California I will be following what is going on in New York. I love to see what is hot and what is not. The silhouettes and designs are so fascinating and creative. There will be a designer who pushes the envelope with bad results and one who does the same but with good results. Anyway you look at it it’s going to be exciting and flashy with beautiful designs and awesome jewelry. Can’t wait to see how accessories are used. Let the games begin!
Social media hard at work

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