Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Earth Gems

Earth Gems come in different sizes and types of natural stone

I know I’ve written about the Earth Gems pendants before but it has been a long time since I’ve brought the subject up. Earth Gems are made by an American company in Washington State. They use natural stone to fabricate a small disk, drill a hole where a sterling silver bezel is placed and then the bezel holds a gemstone of your choice. The natural stone disk is then worn on either a leather strap or a chain. They have a very naturalistic style.


To me the manufacturing process is amazing. I’m not very good with my hands and the ability to get such a smooth round disk of natural stone is a work of art. The natural stone is also quite beautiful. It’s not just an ordinary rock; it is a stone with veins and colors running throughout. Each disk is different due to the natural properties of the stone. So your Earth Gems pendant will be unique.


Another amazing aspect of Earth Gems is the natural properties of each stone. Black jasper claims to have protective energy and healing properties, who doesn’t need that from time to time? The Zebra stone makes one feel nurtured and helps to promote focus. I probably should wear this pendant when I’m taking a test or working on my writing. It might help me to keep on task and not veer off on a tangent. See what I mean!


The thing I like best about Earth Gems is the ability to mix and match the natural stone type you like best with your favorite gemstone. You can also wear more than one Earth Gem on the same chain. The beautifully crafted piece easily slips on or off a chain or leather strap. You can wear two or more Earth Gems on the same chain. It’s kind of like a beaded charm bracelet but in necklace form. Now that winter is coming an Earth Gems pendant necklace would look awesome with a turtleneck sweater. It will add just the right amount of pizzazz.

Love the natural tones with a Mexican Fire Opal

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