Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Does Wearing Sweatpants Mean You've Given Up?

Poor Brittany, a fashion don't

I recently read a little snippet in Glamour Magazine whereby the author felt that wearing sweatpants outside of the house was a sign of defeat. She was explaining how sweatpants, while comfortable, should never be worn outside of your home. I’m not sure if she included yoga pants and faux riding pants in this category, I frequently wear the latter. While I agree that wearing sweats outside of the gym is a fashion faux pas, there must be a way to wear them in public.


Now I’ve gone over this before and because of research I know that there are various degrees of sweatpants. There are those standard gym class sweatpants that are perfect for wearing around the house on a cold day. They’re great when you’re going for a jog around the neighborhood or simply pulling some weeds in the garden. I think the only time I’ve worn this style of sweatpants in public was when I was going to and from the hospital. All fashion rules are relaxed when you’re sick. If there isn’t a special amendment to this rule there should be!

Apparently cut is everything, skinny sweatpants
My research has also shown that there are fancy sweatpants, think Juicy Couture. This style of sweatpants isn’t as popular today as it was a few years ago when you saw them everywhere and on everyone. While not super popular you still see them walking around town, or at least at the grocery store every now and then. There are also stretch capris and leggings. Now I’m not sure if these actually fall in the category of sweatpants. They are made from stretchy material and can be worn for exercise class or a jog, but are they sweatpants?


  I’m going to say they aren’t sweatpants since they don’t have that fleece lining and they can’t be purchased in the men’s department of Target. I don’t think the author was talking about capris or leggings because you can dress them up with a pair of heels and a fancy tunic. The leggings can also be worn under a dress with boots to keep you warm in the winter. So I’m going to stick with my original assumption and say don’t wear your grey gym class style sweatpants out and about, because it just shows that you have given up in the fashion race and no one wants to project that image.
I guess accessories make the outfit

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  1. I don't believe it means you've given up. I constantly wear sweats around the house when I am doing work and just relaxing. But I never wear it out to the store or anything. However, I do think that sweats have come a long way and that they are acceptable to wear out now a days I just choose not to.