Monday, September 10, 2012

Chadwick Bell at New York Fashion Week

Chadwick Bell Spring 2013

I’ve been busy perusing the photos from the runway shows at NYFW. While there are many talented designers out there I always find some fashions that just speak to me. The first set of photos that caught my eye is the ones from Chadwick Bell’s runway show spring 2013. While simple in style there is a lot of detail when you look closer. I also have a tendency to lean towards fashions that I think would complement my own sense of style and body type.


Chadwick Bell is a southern California native, which may be why I love his style so much. It has that relaxed California air and seems uncomplicated. There isn’t an overabundance of color or patterns and each piece is elegant. I love the yellow lace pencil skirt. The solid color is perfect with the clean white blouse. The black swing jacket adds just the right amount of cover yet is fabulously detailed. I love the ease of the black and white combinations. Everything can be mixed or matched to expand your possibilities.

 Chadwick Bell Spring 2013
Another great outfit is the white peplum with the black skirt. It is so simple yet truly versatile. I can see this outfit going to the office or a night out. You can dress it up with some beautiful jewelry quite easily yet it looks perfect without any jewelry. There is also white on white and other graceful combinations of colors. The colors are soft and the clothing is beautiful. It flows and moves with the grace of a ballerina.


I guess this is what I like best about these fashions. They are smooth and clean without a lot of clutter or over the top embellishments. The clothes speak for themselves and they have a wonderful accent. They put you at ease and make you feel confident. This is definitely a silhouette that I will be mimicking for spring. By the way the fall 2012 line is also awesome, check it out. Loving some Chadwick Bell, it is the best.
Chadwick Bell Spring 2013

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