Friday, September 28, 2012

It feels good to be Home

I love how the stones are different sizes

Now that I’m home I’m facing a mountain of laundry which somehow came from my suitcase. I didn’t think I brought that many pieces of clothing. Guess I did. I’m thankful for my housekeeper who came the day before I got home so I didn’t have to see the mess that was produced by my husband and son. My husband even admitted that things were pretty messy. He figured out that I must clean up every day…really?


So now I’m back in my office and going over my emails. I’ve gotten a few emails from designers that I work with and one of them included some pictures of new designs. I’m not sure if I will carry these since he also didn’t include pricing. I will have to contact him for that information. Smart cookie!

Beautiful gemstone cuff

The pictures that he sent show bracelets which are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I have a hard time resisting a bracelet and when you add gemstones, I’m hooked. These have a nice design that goes well with casual attires or for going out. I love Ed’s designs because he uses large gemstones, no tiny gemstone flakes. The large gemstones show off the color of the gemstone which are bright, reflective and expensive looking.


These bracelets are quite nice and Ed does a particularly nice job of adding large gemstones in unique shapes. It’s not always easy to pair color and shape when making jewelry which is why I give so much credit to those talented individuals who make jewelry. I wish I could figure out how to make the most rudimentary pieces but I can’t, I can’t even figure out the diagrams. So I’ve attached some pretty pictures to my blog today. If you like these pieces, let me know, I’ll pass on your compliments to Ed.
Simply gorgeous!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heading Home

Calli is cute at times...

I’ve been in Reno all week and am going home today. I truly miss my own bed and will be glad to get home. Traveling is always fun but there is no place like home. Today’s blog is not related to jewelry or even travel or the city of Reno, which has been my topic most of the week. I’ve looked up some interesting facts about Reno and the state of Nevada. I’ve been staying in my mother in law’s house this week and she has a sassy little cat.

 Although when I'm sleeping she can be hard to take...

I haven’t had a cat for quite some time so this has been a real experience. This cat is also quite a character so it has been interesting. First off this cat is an attention hound. She will seek out people to sleep on or just wants to be the center of attention. She also doesn’t like a closed door. If she is feeling lonely she will stalk through the house looking for someone to hang with and if a door is closed she makes it known that she wants it opened. She will meow, or stick her paw under the door and rattle it till you open it.

 She really wanted some attention

Don’t try and sleep in with this cat, she doesn’t like that. In fact she seems to enjoy waking me up most morning. I’ve even sent her in to wake up Mom if she is still sleeping. It’s kind of funny to see the cat head to her room and then hear Mom tell the cat to leave her alone. It always makes me chuckle. It is actually amazing to see the cat go to another room when you tell her to wake someone up. So while the cat and Mom have been fun, I will enjoy going home. I’m pretty sure my hubby is missing me badly; he called twice yesterday to talk.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Silver State

Nevada is probably best known for its gambling, mining and nuclear testing.  While I’ve done two of the three, I enjoy the results of mining the best. Oh, and by the way, the nuclear testing was a simulation at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas. I have to say that this museum is interesting in a creepy kind of scary way. Nuclear testing aside, Nevada has been a top silver mining state since 1858 after the discovery of the Comstock Lode. They are second behind Alaska.


Nevada has adopted the name, “The Silver State” and with all their silver production, they are aptly named. Silver is so popular in Nevada that they used them at one time in commemorative coins in their casinos. You could win a Silver Strike or Silver Premium Token in a slot machine. These particular slot machines have slowly faded away but the coins live on with collectors. The first silver strike slot machines went into use in the Reno/Tahoe area casinos in 1992. A silver strike is actually .999 silver in denomination of $7 or higher. So you’re winning a little real silver in addition to the face value of the coin. Depending on the price of silver, the coin could be worth more than face value.

 A Harrah's Casino Silver Strike
For me I could never understand why casinos dropped silver strike slot machines. If you won the prize you could turn the coin in for the value printed on its face. Most who win the silver strike coin simply keep them. I would think this would be a boon for casinos. You give out a prize that cost less than its face value to produce and no one redeems it. Collecting these little discs of silver and brass is a popular hobby since there are few, if any, casinos that still issue them. I guess the increase in silver prices has made the coins too expensive to product. They could always put them in higher denomination machines to keep them on the floor. Just sayin’.
So while I haven’t been to a casino on this trip. I probably will go when I come back in a few weeks. I personally lament the disappearance of silver strike slot machines. They were fun and you got to win something different. Not that I don’t like to win money, who doesn’t like to win money? It was so exciting to win this oversized coin and the sound of it hitting the tray was a little thrilling. Now when you play a slot machine they just issue paper tickets. Although there is something worse than a paper ticket, no paper ticket.
Silver Strike from The Nugget Casino

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Can Find Jewelry Anywhere

A good selection

As many may know I’m in Reno Nevada. I have family who live in the area so I make the trip from the bay area fairly regularly. I’ve been doing this for years. Reno is usually known for its casinos. It’s like Las Vegas only on a three quarter scale. Other than the casinos, Reno has a load of shopping. In particular there are places known as “Indian Smoke Shops.” Although I don’t believe they are all selling strictly tobacco products.


Reno is located in Washoe County and I found out the name is an Anglicization of the name Wa-She-Shu. This was the name of the American Indian tribe that lived in this area many years ago. There are still members who live in the area and some are artisans and craftsmen who keep up some of the old traditions. I found this out when I went into an Indian Smoke Shop. While I’m not sure they are all the same, the one I visited had jewelry.

 Even stars love Native American jewelry
I spoke with the owner who said they had been in this location for 40 years. It was smaller at one time but had grown. She had beautiful turquoise and silver jewelry that was made by local artisans. She also had a good selection of handmade moccasins with beading. I was told they were popular as slippers. Her son worked in the business and also made jewelry in their store. I could see him working at his bench when I visited.


There was plenty of silver jewelry and also some sculptures, pottery and woodworking. It was a very interesting mixture and quite eclectics. It was wonderful to see so many interesting Native American crafts all in one place. So it’s kind of fun to be in a different place with such interesting things. I’m going to use this week to look at things through different eyes. Everyone needs a new perspective.
Beautiful turquiose

Monday, September 24, 2012

Here I am in Reno Nevada

Due to an illness in the family I’m spending the week in Reno Nevada. Not exactly the high fashion capital of the world, although it is the biggest little city in the world. It’s kind of fun to get away from all the work associated with running a business. It’s a different kind of work which can be good as a change of pace. We all need to clear out heads once in a while. To get away from the ordinary mundane tasks which all have to do day in and day out.


I have a friend who likes to “go off the grid” once in a while. I believe it is a good idea so you can decompress. As a writer, it is not always easy to write each and every day. To come up with a new idea and express an opinion or a thought in a coherent manner, it’s not always possible. So today is a short note so you will all know why I’m not posting my usual blog information.


Although being here in Reno isn’t all bad. Hope you enjoy the photos. As you can see the house backs up to a gold course which is inhabited by beautiful geese and fabulous scenery. It is also quiet and restful. Hope everyone has a great day and maybe tomorrow I’ll have enough information to write a blog about jewelry. Although probably not, it is way too easy to sit on the back porch and drink coffee and watch the sun rise and set over the horizon. Ahh, it's a tough life.

Friday, September 21, 2012

You Say “Cheap” Like It’s a Bad Thing

When people hear the word cheap they probably think of something of poor quality. The price is usually low but so is the manufacturing quality. A better word to use when describing something reasonably priced is probably inexpensive. This makes sense but sometimes I find myself using the expression “wow that’s cheap” when I’m describing a good buy. Cheap doesn’t have to mean that you are giving up something when you are purchasing an item.


When you read the definitions of the word cheap it starts off pretty good. Relatively low in cost, comparatively inexpensive. By the time you get to the bottom it has devolved to, worthy of no respect. For me cheap means the first definition. I’m always looking for the good deal. If I spend a lot of money on a pair of boots or a handbag it is because I know that I will be using them for a long time. Rebuying something several times a year or frequently, even at a low cost, is not cheap. In today’s economy it is more important to find products that are inexpensive and a good value.

When it comes to jewelry I’m always looking for more bang for my buck. Gemstones are a great deal in comparison to diamonds. Gold is extremely expensive and when coupled with diamonds it becomes a piece that requires a special occasion, like a 30th wedding anniversary. That doesn’t come around every day. When looking to update your jewelry wardrobe you need to think value. There are many large gemstones on the market, set in sterling silver that gives a fabulous look without a lot of dough.


I have some blue topaz earring, cushion cut and about 35 carats for only $270.00; it doesn’t get any better than that. I also have some rock crystal earring for the same price, they’re about 30 carats. They look like diamonds but are not nearly as expensive. I’ve even seen a similar style worn on the red carpet. I’m sure there are more people with tight wardrobe budgets just like me. We don’t necessarily have to switch to fake, we just need to be careful and shop around for the best deals. It is possible.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Love Leather

Free People Pieced Vegan Motorcycle Jacket

We are hitting that season where the weather begins to cool down. The mornings are chilly but the sun still shines all day long. Then, as the sun sets over the horizon the chill of night begins. While I love this season I distinctly don’t like to be cold or chilly. It is the perfect time of year to break out the leather jackets. While a tweed jacket or bulky sweater can do the trick, leather looks cool.


There are new leather looks this season. One of my favorites is AllSaints Rixey leather bomber jacket. The bodice is smooth black leather and the sleeves are deep wine colored quilted leather. It is an interesting look and different from your standard bomber leather jacket. I like when designers take the ordinary and functional and jazz it up a little to make it stand out. Not that a standard leather jacket isn’t super functional. It is a great look for that in between season when the weather is changing.

Kristen Stewart in AllSaints Rixey Leather Bomber

Leather looks great with a pair of jeans and can make your outfit a little dressier. If you wear jeans and tennis shoes during the day, switch out the tennis shoes for boots or heels, change the t-shirt to a sparkly tank and top the entire outfit with a leather jacket. You’re ready for a night on the town and you’ll keep warm to boot. I also love the look of chunky stainless steel jewelry with leather. After all, who doesn’t want to look a little tough?


Put a little thrill in the chill with a leather jacket. They are a lot more versatile than you think and now come in a variety of looks. Leather was really big on the runway and this usually translates into a hot fashion trend. While I wouldn’t suggest leather for the office, it is an awesome look for just about anywhere else. You can wear it out for an evening on the town or just around town. So I’ll be dusting off the leather jacket and wearing it real soon. I’ve already broken out the suede booties, why not leather?


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yes You Can Wear Skinny Jeans

Beyonce looks fabulous, curves and all

There was a short discussion on Facebook the other day. I have to say thanks to all for giving me an idea for my blog while I’m suffering from writer’s block. Anyway, this discussion centered on skinny jeans and who can wear them. Are they reserved for those who are skinny and under the age of 30? While many believed the skinny jean to be the sole territory of the malnourished and perpetually juvenile, I believe they can be worn by just about anyone if artfully done.


The first rule of skinny jeans is fit. Make sure you’re not trying to cram yourself into a pair of jeans one or two sizes smaller than your actual size. Even a size 6 will look bad if they are stuffed into a size 3. Avoid the sausage roll look, no muffin tops or deep creases at the knees as the fabric is pulled too taunt. If you want them to fit slim think about a pair of jeans with spandex, it will fit tight but have some stretch. This is also more comfortable. Next, think color, black is slimming, shows fewer creases and downplays curves. A pair of black skinny jeans and a loose black tank top is extremely slimming. Just add a long top or blazer in a complimentary color.

 Wear skinny jeans with a jacket, notice #2, tone on tone is slimming

Rule number two, keep things in proportion. You need a fabulous body to wear skinny jeans and a skintight top. Keep the upper half loose but don’t drown your frame. Long lines make the eye move up and down. Look for vertical elements such as front creases or design elements that go up and down. Avoid breaking up the line of the leg by wearing shoes in the same color. Booties are a great option or wear your skinny jeans tucked into boots. Just make sure the boots and jeans are of similar color or tone. Scarves are also another element that draws the eye up and down. Wear one loosely tied so the ends hang down.


I believe that just about any body type can wear skinny jeans. It just takes a little creativity and thought. I wouldn’t give up my skinny jeans or my leggings, they are so comfortable and I love how they look with a blazer. I always make sure that my blazer is a bit longer, I buy talls. Also make sure when wearing a tunic or long shirt with skinny jeans that it covers your derriere. A belt also helps to pull things together, just don’t cinch it tightly. So wear some skinny jeans today, they’re not just for toothpicks and twelve year olds.

Hid your figure flaws under a long blazer

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Earth Gems

Earth Gems come in different sizes and types of natural stone

I know I’ve written about the Earth Gems pendants before but it has been a long time since I’ve brought the subject up. Earth Gems are made by an American company in Washington State. They use natural stone to fabricate a small disk, drill a hole where a sterling silver bezel is placed and then the bezel holds a gemstone of your choice. The natural stone disk is then worn on either a leather strap or a chain. They have a very naturalistic style.


To me the manufacturing process is amazing. I’m not very good with my hands and the ability to get such a smooth round disk of natural stone is a work of art. The natural stone is also quite beautiful. It’s not just an ordinary rock; it is a stone with veins and colors running throughout. Each disk is different due to the natural properties of the stone. So your Earth Gems pendant will be unique.


Another amazing aspect of Earth Gems is the natural properties of each stone. Black jasper claims to have protective energy and healing properties, who doesn’t need that from time to time? The Zebra stone makes one feel nurtured and helps to promote focus. I probably should wear this pendant when I’m taking a test or working on my writing. It might help me to keep on task and not veer off on a tangent. See what I mean!


The thing I like best about Earth Gems is the ability to mix and match the natural stone type you like best with your favorite gemstone. You can also wear more than one Earth Gem on the same chain. The beautifully crafted piece easily slips on or off a chain or leather strap. You can wear two or more Earth Gems on the same chain. It’s kind of like a beaded charm bracelet but in necklace form. Now that winter is coming an Earth Gems pendant necklace would look awesome with a turtleneck sweater. It will add just the right amount of pizzazz.

Love the natural tones with a Mexican Fire Opal

Monday, September 17, 2012

Black and White and Red All Over

I love the look of black and white for fashion. It’s usually my go to whenever I’m traveling. It’s easy to mix and match and requires a minimal number of pieces. This is why it is so attractive, who wants to pack a ton of clothes when they’re traveling, okay, besides Paris Hilton. Most of us have limited luggage space and the TSA loves to rifle a bag so why give them more than they can handle.


I have a number of black wardrobe pieces, the little black dress, black legging, black tunic, sweater, t-shirts, the list is endless. I also have quite a few white pieces, blazer, sweaters and of course shirts. The fun thing about a black and white wardrobe is how you can add accent colors. I am partial to red. Red can add a lot of pop when you’re dressing. The little black dress looks awesome with red shoes and a red evening bag. You can also add a red blouse with black slacks and blazer.

You can also add accent colors with jewelry. Typically I wear white gold or silver with black and white, but you can add just about any gemstone color. Blue topaz is particularly nice with black, and of course diamonds always look nice. Rubies are a nice addition to any black and white wardrobe or any red gemstone such as garnet. If you’re wearing predominately white the contrast of a red gemstone is stunning against that white background.


I know that it was once considered a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day but an all-white outfit is really beautiful. Just remember to mix the tones a little and of course the textures. Leather with knits can add quite a bit of interest and don’t forget that red handbag for pop. While I don’t have any trips planned this week I will still rely upon my mostly black and white wardrobe to look pulled together. As you can see I’m throwing out the white after Labor Day rule.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Underappreciated Designers

Now that New York Fashion Week has wrapped, there are probably many happy designers as well as a few who might feel disappointed. I’m going with more of them being happy than sad. It is a great honor to have a show during NYFW and no one can take that away from you. If you did great, fantastic, if you feel you didn’t do as well you could at least you can say that you did it. There are those who didn’t even get to go.


While not a designer, I know the feeling of sitting on the sidelines and watching. This is great if you are adverse to contact sports and have declined an invitation to play tackle football. If you’re interesting and creative and want to play but can’t get a sponsor or can’t get enough designs together or noticed, it’s probably a sad feeling. I would like to take the time to recognize all those designers who have talent but didn’t have their own show at NYFW.

The same is true of many jewelry designers. There are lots of creative souls who make jewelry, design jewelry and work for other design houses who are unrecognized. They are a tiny group of unseen and underappreciated individuals. This includes many jewelry crafters at local fairs, events and on I’ve met some very talented people at various craft fairs and I know they don’t get the recognition they deserve.


So if you know someone who designs jewelry or is simply a creative person who makes wonderful pieces for friends and family, tell them how much you appreciate their work. Everyone needs a pat on the back now and then. Those that sit alone in a studio making their wares may not have encouragement or impute from others and it really makes their day when someone likes their work. So find someone today that makes something you love and tell them about it. It will make their day.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Last Day of New York Fashion Week

Karen Erickson & Vicki Beamon designs

Today is the last day of NYFW and I’m sure it won’t be the last word for quite some time to come. Once the dust has settled all those lucky participants will begin their discussions. What was hot, what was not, and who had the best designs and why. While the clothing designs were really what it was all about, there was very little discussion about jewelry and accessories. Just a little disappointing or I’m not following the correct media streams.


To me, accessories really make the outfit. I’m a bit of a jewelry junkie and am always looking to see how someone paired a particular style with jewelry. It doesn’t come naturally to me and I can't always figure out how pieces all work together. Which is probably why I try and watch the live feeds for runway shows; it shows you how it was supposed to look.

Former Ohio teacher Michelle Pajak-Reynolds 

It is a little disheartening to see such a lack of jewelry talk from NYFW. The closest thing was an article about designers Karen Erickson and Vicki Beamon and their new collection featuring clothing that was jewelry for the body. These designers started out in jewelry and expanded to ready to wear. Now they have their own show. But there still not much information available about the jewelry that was worn at any of the shows.


I did find a small article about Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, a former teacher who was downsized and was lucky enough to attend NYFW. It was human interest stuff. Since NYFW isn’t officially over and many people continue to discuss what happened at this huge event I am holding out hope that new jewelry ideas will surface. I’ll keep goggling and searching for new information. If anyone has some good leads feel free to send me a link. Always appreciate a helping hand.
Stow designer Michelle Pajak-Reynolds created some jewelry buzz

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wearing Leather

Jennifer Aniston wears the leather sheath perfectly

I’ve notice quite a bit of attention has been given to leather for the coming fall fashion season. Leather is showing up in many shapes and forms. It’s not just leather jackets, but leather skirts, tops and of course, pants. There is also a lot of leather used as an accent. Think trench coats with leather sleeves. A peplum top with a leather bodice and cloth sleeves and skirt, leather is also used as details on skirts.


While all this leather is fascinating, it also requires adjusting your jewelry and mind set a little. The leather looks this season are much more sophisticated and doesn’t scream “Biker Chick.” There is a mixing of materials, textures and style that allows the wearer to remain fashionable and demur, if that’s possible with leather. The objective is to not look tough but rather proper. The new leather looks can be worn in the office as well as for a night out.

If you’re thinking of wearing leather in the office consider the color. Black can be too severe but pink or mauve maybe just right. A tailored wool pant, pumps and a leather shirt will add just the right amount of office wearability, remember no cleavage. A simple leather sheath can work for the office also, just keep the accessories subtle. Also don’t wear the sheath too tight, it should just skim the body. The sheath should also have good coverage, once again no cleavage and keep the hemline low, just above the knee. Nothing says party louder than a tight leather short dress.


The nice thing about leather is it has the weight and texture to add chunky accessories and not look ridiculous. A leather peplum will look great with a chunky stainless steel necklace. If you’re wearing colored leather you can mix in a little stainless steel and ceramic link jewelry. Anything sleeveless will benefit from cuffs on your wrist or maybe multiple bracelets. I like the new more sophisticated look of leather and actually have a black leather skirt. I just need to find that perfect textured fisherman’s sweater to go with it and maybe some black suede pumps. Leather is a hot look for fall.
Hot leather looks

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pocket Watches are Really Cool

We’ve carried a lot of different watches for quite some time and not too long ago we expanded the pocket watch line. We’ve always had a few pocket watches but decided to really make a commitment and carry several different brands and styles. Since I’m seeing so many pocket watches I’ve developed a new appreciation for these unique timepieces.


Pocket watches have been around for a very long. At one time they were the most common watch in usage and began their distinct development in the 16th century. What I found interesting was pocket watches were worn and used by both men and women. Although it appear that now men are the only ones to wear a pocket watch in period dramas and plays. This actually makes sense if you think about the wristwatch and its usage; wristwatches became more popular after World War I. Women usually wore a pendant style watch as a necklace.

The pendant style watch on a necklace is still popular with women and can be found in retail jewelry stores. Men had shifted to the pocket style watch from the pendant watch once vests became a popular clothing item. It is the most familiar style associated with men and they haven’t changed much over the years. Pocket watches were once very expensive and a sign of status amongst those who wore them. The American Watch Company found a way to make standardized parts for pocket watches thereby reducing their price sometime around 1857. This only increased their popularity.


The pocket watch is making a huge resurgence as men take a greater interest in accessories. Wristwatches are becoming popular with those guys who take interest in their wardrobes and wish to accessorize themselves accordingly. This is probably because a watch can be worn with just about any outfit and it’s handy. Pocket watches are a natural next step. They are fun and creative. They can show everyone that you have excellent taste and aren’t afraid to try something different. Have some fun with a pocket watch, they are a lot cooler and are an awesome way to keep time.
A cute little ladybug pocket watch necklace

Monday, September 10, 2012

Chadwick Bell at New York Fashion Week

Chadwick Bell Spring 2013

I’ve been busy perusing the photos from the runway shows at NYFW. While there are many talented designers out there I always find some fashions that just speak to me. The first set of photos that caught my eye is the ones from Chadwick Bell’s runway show spring 2013. While simple in style there is a lot of detail when you look closer. I also have a tendency to lean towards fashions that I think would complement my own sense of style and body type.


Chadwick Bell is a southern California native, which may be why I love his style so much. It has that relaxed California air and seems uncomplicated. There isn’t an overabundance of color or patterns and each piece is elegant. I love the yellow lace pencil skirt. The solid color is perfect with the clean white blouse. The black swing jacket adds just the right amount of cover yet is fabulously detailed. I love the ease of the black and white combinations. Everything can be mixed or matched to expand your possibilities.

 Chadwick Bell Spring 2013
Another great outfit is the white peplum with the black skirt. It is so simple yet truly versatile. I can see this outfit going to the office or a night out. You can dress it up with some beautiful jewelry quite easily yet it looks perfect without any jewelry. There is also white on white and other graceful combinations of colors. The colors are soft and the clothing is beautiful. It flows and moves with the grace of a ballerina.


I guess this is what I like best about these fashions. They are smooth and clean without a lot of clutter or over the top embellishments. The clothes speak for themselves and they have a wonderful accent. They put you at ease and make you feel confident. This is definitely a silhouette that I will be mimicking for spring. By the way the fall 2012 line is also awesome, check it out. Loving some Chadwick Bell, it is the best.
Chadwick Bell Spring 2013

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Week Begins

Look at all the pretty clothes

Fashion Week is being held from September 6th through September 13th in New York. It is the highlight of every fashionista’s season. Once again I will sit home and watch the news from afar. One day I will pack my bags and go, even without an invitation to a show. I’m sure there are plenty of up and coming designers with so few attendees that they will allow walk-ins. I have to admit that Fashion Week is much more interesting than the political conventions taking place.


Fashion Week is when all the designers roll out their latest creations. They show us what they think will be the hottest trends for the upcoming season. We will be shown spring 2013 fashions this week and I am hoping there are a lot of people present with Instagram. I’ve already seen some pictures of Peter Som’s show courtesy of The Bag Snob, I follow on Facebook. For all of us stuck in mundane jobs far from all the action, we can be there vicariously through social media.

There's even jewelry
Social media is a huge benefit to events like Fashion Week. It brings many more people to various shows and opens the doors to those who might otherwise be excluded. There are a finite number of seats at these shows. The designers must love it. They can literally show their designs to the world. This is an important aspect of NYFW. Getting butts in the seats can make or break a show, but having your designs go viral on a social media platform can turn a show into a super success and the hottest fashion trend of the season. Who doesn’t want that?


So while I am stuck in California I will be following what is going on in New York. I love to see what is hot and what is not. The silhouettes and designs are so fascinating and creative. There will be a designer who pushes the envelope with bad results and one who does the same but with good results. Anyway you look at it it’s going to be exciting and flashy with beautiful designs and awesome jewelry. Can’t wait to see how accessories are used. Let the games begin!
Social media hard at work

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Care & Feeding of Silver Jewelry

The price of gold has remained high and while I love the durability and look of gold, it continues to stay out of reach for me. I have some gold jewelry that I wear frequently, but it is actually white gold. White gold is a gold alloy; it is mixed with other metals to achieve its color. Silver can be added to yellow gold to get white gold or copper to get rose gold. If your white gold ring begins to yellow after years of wear, it is probably due to the silver or other metal rubbing off to reveal more yellow gold just beneath the surface.


While I love white gold’s look it can be substituted with silver. Silver jewelry has the same tone and color as white gold. So all those women who remember having your colors done and finding out you’re a winter, silver will work for you. Sterling silver does require a bit more work than gold to keep the color brilliant because it can tarnish. I would recommend a cloth designed for polishing silver. These cloths have tarnish retardant chemicals built into the cloth so when you clean your piece it will remain tarnish free longer.

The polishing cloths also keep from scratching the silver. While all metals will eventually show nicks and scratches, silver can show them sooner. Highly polished pieces are also prone to showing imperfections in the surface within a short period of time. I generally look for silver jewelry with a pattern or a brushed surface. While the look of highly polished silver jewelry is attractive, it is more difficult to maintain over time.


Since the price of silver still remains a fantastic deal especially when compared to gold, I’m opting to purchase silver. It can be fashioned into just about anything and gemstones and natural stones can be set for additional style. Silver is becoming a popular option for jewelry and it is very reasonable, heaven forbid I should reduce my jewelry purchases! So while gold may continue to rise, I will continue to buy, but for now I’m sticking with silver.