Friday, August 31, 2012

Women in Politics

Poor Condoleezza, I'm sure this has happened to us all

As another tedious political season begins we are all treated to the ups and downs, the slings and arrows and typical mudslinging of politics. While I will not endorse any political party, I think they’re all nuts, I will discuss what women in politics are wearing. First off, why do we discuss what the women are wearing yet the men are rarely touched. Unless we are discussing Governor Chris Christie’s weight, the men have remained a non-fashion topic of discussion.


We will discuss Hillary Clinton’s love of pantsuits, Ann Romney’s designer clothing and even Michelle Obama’s great style sense. We discuss women as if they are only the sum of their clothing and accessories. Now I’m not knocking it, some of these women have made great strides for their gender all while being fashionable. It is just funny how we all notice what women are wearing first and what they are saying second. I admit to being guilty of this, I notice Nancy Pelosi’s necklaces before I hear what is coming out of her mouth on TV news clips.

 Hillary loves a pantsuit

It just shouldn’t be this way. We should give just as much credence to what women in politics are saying as men. We never notice a nice suit or the color of a tie on a man when he walks up to the podium to begin a speech. We just watch and wait for them to begin speaking. As a woman walks up to the podium we are critiquing their dress, hair and makeup. This is potentially wrong because a woman is greater than the sum of her parts. Although a really awesome pair of shoes is cool.


That’s another thing, why don’t the women in politics wear super expensive shoes. I haven’t seen too many Christian Louboutins or some daring metal studded numbers? Maybe they are being practical, after all a pair of platforms or stilettos which kill their feet after standing on stage for hours. There is also the tripping hazard when meeting the public or dignitaries. They don’t all have bodyguards to help them navigate stairs and doorways like Lady Gaga. So for now I guess I will continue to monitor which lipstick Condoleezza Rice is wearing but I will try not to be superficial and actually pay attention to what is coming out of her mouth, lipstick on teeth aside.

You can buy Nancy's pearls on

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