Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tired but Happy After ASD Show Las Vegas

Not a great picture but check out the pattern on these bracelets

As some will know from my convoluted posts, I’ve been at ASD Las Vegas these past few days. It has been an interesting, exciting and very tiring experience. I found some new vendors and saw a lot of merchandise that was pretty, practical and sometimes puzzling. What was fascinating was the variety of merchandise available at ASD Las Vegas. I found things that I never even thought about, yet wanted. Now that I’m able to rest my feet I’m able to regroup and figure things out.

One of the vendors I discovered was a gentleman from Nepal. He is from a family of silversmiths and had some beautiful bracelets. While most of his booth seemed pretty mundane upon closer inspection I found some real treasures. Mostly bracelets were among these treasures. He had taken sterling silver and fashioned it into woven patterns around a solid cuff. In some instances the woven silver was simply laid flat and held together with end clips. The weaving of the material makes the bracelet slightly flexible.

 Love the one on the bottom
The bracelets ranged in size from one inch to three inches and had different types and widths of woven silver. I was just enthralled. He also had silver bracelets with religious mantras and beautiful filigree. I naturally purchased one of each and am hopeful that I will be purchasing more in the future. I’ve have similar bracelets in my inventory but they are made from pure silver and are quite heavy, hence they have a price to match. These bracelets are woven so they are a little lighter and easier on the budget. They are so easy on the budget you can purchase more than one.

So with my first find at ASD Las Vegas I come home a winner and that’s a hard thing to say when you’re coming home from Las Vegas. I have more inventory on the way, some I’m just trying out so there aren’t huge quantities but I’m sure people will love what I’ve got. Keep an eye out for pictures and postings in my store. I’m sure that once you see some real pictures (courtesy of my hubby) you will want one or two…or maybe three.

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