Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking Pictures

While I love this photo, it's hard to make all your jewelry look this good

After the recent visit to ASD Las Vegas my husband and I decided to update the studio. Okay, I admit it; he wanted to update the studio. He is the one in charge of taking photographs for the web store and I do a lot of the data entry. I am always bugging him for new pictures since he has very disparaging remarks about mine. Hey I think they look pretty good for an iPhone! One of the hardest things to do is get your photos consistent. There are many variables, starting with light, which can make your photos differ in appearance.

Many stock photographs that we receive from our vendors have a bright white background. The item appears to be floating without any support. This is a special light box that allows a photograph to be taken with this effect. It can be achieved through Photoshop but you are probably an expert in this program and have the patience of Job. Since our photography and computer skills are still advancing we need to rely more on the set up instead of the program. Tip number one, having the right set up can greatly reduce your time using Photoshop and the time you spend taking pictures.

 Notice how the items appear to float with little or no shadow

The new studio set up allows for lighting underneath the item. This is critical for an even and consistent photograph. You can light around the object and use filters but unless you have a box that light from all sides any moving of lights will change the tone of the photograph. Each object, especially jewelry will absorb or shine differently so lighting is important. It is natural to move the light around to try and get less or more reflection based on each piece, this can lead to inconsistent photographs and therefore inconsistent pictures on your website. I hate it when a website looks like a ransom note.

Since we’ve gotten back from Las Vegas we’ve been trying to find the perfect amount of white for our pictures. It’s a lot harder than you think. The pictures are still in the experimental phase but I will use them anyways. I think they look great! Photography is hard and it is even harder to find that perfect balance between washed out white background where the object looks like a cartoon and the right amount of white background where the object is perfectly lit. Keep an eye on the website as new products and pictures go up. As with anything, a website should always be a work in progress. That’s what keeps it interesting.

The bracelet appears to float but still looks real, has detail


  1. Your photos are always great and very detailed but I know what you mean, it is not easy to catch all of the details and the exact color of a product.

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Your photos always look yummy which is probably hard since there are so many different colors. Can't wait to see the tart!