Friday, August 17, 2012

Starter Beaded Bracelets

Love these blue handblown glass beads

I just love a beaded bracelet; I own two and wear them all the time. One is cool colors the other is warm, to match my outfits. I get quite a few compliments on them but people are also befuddled by how to put a beaded bracelet together. It can be quite hard since one cannot know exactly how a bead will match up in size or color. Making your beads match can be the hardest part of putting one of these bracelets together. I had an idea!

Getting started is hard; it takes coordination or at least a little willingness to commit. Many Murano glass beads are not cheap and high quality beads get expensive. If you buy two or three beads and they look awful together you can waste $50 or more. I decided to put together some starter bracelets. It’s a simple bracelet of two or three beads on a leather strap. I’m planning on pricing the beads inexpensively so I can share the joy of collecting. I’m also going to take some of the guess work out of choosing.

 The bead in the middle is natural stone

By putting together themes and colors I can help take some of the guess work out of putting together a beaded bracelet. I know this was the hardest part of putting my own bracelets together. I wasn’t sure if the size of the bead was compatible with beads I already owned and sometimes a silver bead was so small it was dwarfed by a glass bead. It looked odd. Not that I didn’t love each bead individually, but there must be some symmetry when putting together a bracelet.

For those of you out there who are talented and already collecting beads, I know you don’t need to buy preselected beads, but take a look because there are some pretty sets. I’m planning on putting more together and getting the price just right. I’m throwing in the starter leather strap for free! What a deal. So if you’re planning on starting a beaded bracelet, take a look at some of my starter sets. If you are already collecting and just want to add to your collection this is a good way to get some matching beads at a good price. PS: my husband is going to kill me for these iPhone pictures!

Adding a silver Bali bead in the middle mixes things up

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