Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scarves for Summer

A Swash scarf works for summer

As many who read my blog know, I love a good scarf. Most of the time my “uniform” consists of a navy blazer, jeans and a scarf. I wear a scarf with just about anything. Now in the summer I am still guilty of wearing a scarf. I know I get looks from people wearing t-shirts, shorts and sandals who think I must have a problem to wear a scarf in the heat, but not so. The right scarf even when it’s hot can be comfortable. This is especially important on hot days.

The right fabric can make all the difference in comfort and wearability. No wool, no heavy cotton or synthetics. Silk is ideal for a summer scarf. The fabric should be lightweight and colorful. If you’re stuck going from air conditioning to outside and back again, a scarf can add just a little bit of warm to keep you from getting goose bumps. Since shivering isn’t all that attractive, I opt for a scarf in silk or chiffon. I’ve found this particularly true when traveling. Airports, hotels and some public attractions like museums keep their interiors like an icebox.

 Foulard Pied de Poule Print Scarf

 A scarf is also a perfect accessory for dressing up an outfit. It can add a splash of color to an all-white or cream ensemble. I’ve found that wearing all white seems a little pretentious but if I add a colorful scarf it becomes more relaxed. During the summer we all want outfits that are relaxed. Scarves also finish an outfit. It adds that little something to make an outfit complete. I notice I get better tables in restaurants when I’m wearing a scarf. Maybe it’s not a coincident.

Since I usually shun the sun, I burn every time I go out in it. I’ll probably need a collection of scarves just for summer outfits. Go for something floral or maybe something with a wild print is adventurous. Its summer after all and there is no better time to cut loose and have some fun. It only happens one season a year, unless you count New Year’s Eve.

Fleurs d'Indiennes Scarf by Hermes

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