Friday, August 10, 2012

My Trip to Reno

Totally cool!

I recently went to Reno, again. I’ve been going there a lot lately because I have family who live in the area. My father in law passed away recently after a lengthy illness and there is a lot that has be taken care of afterwards. I’m shocked at how much there is to do. It is also very hot in Reno. Something that I’m not really used to since I live in the San Francisco bay area, while it may get hot here, it always cools down at night. I won’t linger on a depressing subject, my reason for going to Reno. The Reno trip did have a cool surprise, Hot August Nights.

What a surprise when I arrived

For those who aren't familiar with Hot August Nights, it’s a car show that completely encompasses the cities of Reno and Sparks. Car enthusiasts come from all over the country and bring their hot rods, classic cars and modified vehicles for display and cruising. I saw some of the most interesting vehicles and cool cars all displayed in the hotel parking lot. Many of the cars were labors of love, complete with placards that explained the long and often arduous task of restoration. Most owners sat with their cars and were willing to “talk shop” with those who were interested.

 Cars kept cruising past

There were a lot of happy couples there with their cars. I saw a lot of women who even dressed the part. For those with an old Chevy Bel-Air, poodles skirts, sparkly t-shirts and of course saddle shoes. Those who had highly modified hot rods, there was a lot of tattoos and leather. There was even a guy with a Woodie with a surfboard and he wore a Hawaiian shirt. Although I’m sure some of these people weren’t actually wearing a costume, they may have just been trying to match a theme. There were only a few people who wore what was obviously a detailed outfit to match the car.

 Loved this mauve colored convertible

Since this was only an overnight trip I didn’t get to spend much time looking at or visiting the cars. There was a huge stage set up in the massive parking lot with a band playing Eagles tunes so the party continued into the night. I have to say the Grand Sierra Casino Resort & Hotel was set up well for this event. They had a massive display area that was covered and lit, and they had lots of outdoor food stands and bars. While this may not be my usual blog about jewelry and fashion, it was interesting enough to talk about, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Winner of the most modified vehicle category

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