Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Metallic Shorts Instead of Jeans...Really?

Really cute but will this work in your office?

A fashion blog that shall remain nameless suggested six alternatives to your jeans. Now these alternatives were not only expensive in comparison to jeans, but I’m not really sure they would work. Jeans are a tough act to follow. Everyone wears them with everything and they are even acceptable in many office environments. Not so sure that metallic shorts would be a big hit anywhere except a nightclub.


The idea is an alternative to jeans will brighten up your wardrobe. Apparently jeans can get boring and mundane, after all everyone wears them. Now I think it is great to find alternatives to jeans. I do wear them almost daily, who am I kidding, I wear them everyday. The thing that gets me is these alternatives seemed a little weird. Case in point, scuba pants. Now I’m not familiar with scuba pants outside of the ocean, but these pants according to the description are made of neoprene. Not only does this sound weird, it sounds uncomfortable.

 Jill Sanders PVC skirt

Part of the appeal of jeans is comfort. People wear jeans because they are concerned with comfort as well as style. There are a lot of comfortable jeans on the market that are also quite fashionable. The other grip I had with the six alternatives was the shortness of everything. There were the metallic shorts, the sequin shorts and a peplum mini. Unless you have awesome legs and never bend over you might just want to reserve this style for a night on the town. I understand that these are hot fashion trends but they may not be for everyone. This is particularly true of us who spend more time at Starbucks then Vegas.


So for now I’m going to stick to my jeans. A good alternative for the super conservative is the suggestion of camo jeans. I also like colored jeans for something different. I'm not going to go with any neoprene or PVC because let’s face it; I no longer have the body for such materials. I have a pair of faux riding pants and a few pairs of legging that work great for mixing it up. I guess the best thing to take from this is, alternatives are just something different, the final choice is yours.
When you say "scuba" I think of this!


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