Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heading Home From ASD Las Vegas

Miles of watches

So I’ve heading home today. While I love going to various trade shows, viewing what people are selling and what is coming on the market, it always feels good to go home. After a few days I start to miss my bed and all of the creature comforts of home. I guess everyone misses their bed even while on trips and it's been a tough trip. Convention centers are huge and I usually get lost which means a lot of back tracking and walking, not to mention extremely rude TSA agents at airports (You know who you are). One of the toughest things is finding a vendor one day and when you go back to make a deal, you can't quite remember exactly where they were located. Even with a map I got lost.

This trip wasn't any different from other vendor shopping trips. Lots of walking and lots of getting lost. The motto of the ASD Show in Las Vegas was "Find Anything, Buy Everything." It is a motto that is extremely true. While I was looking for watches, jewelry and evening bags, I found tons of other things. I may not purchase but I sure did look. There was cookware, perfume, socks and apparel. There was all kinds of toys and gift products and vendors selling entire booths. This post is kind of short because I'm kind of tired but I promise to write more tomorrow and add some pictures. I'm so excited to show some of my latest finds, got some really awesome jewel like clutches on the way. More later!

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