Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding a Wholesaler

ASD Las Vegas

I’ve been in business for a little while and when I first started it was almost impossible to find jewelry that I liked and thought would sell. Now I’m not saying that I know that much about products that sell because I’m always shocked at what sells. Everything from hamburger CD cases to crocheted dolls could potentially sell like hotcakes. This is why you need to attend trade shows, to see all the stuff. While at ASD Las Vegas I was particularly overwhelmed with the variety of wholesalers I found.

A wholesaler is someone who sells goods at the lowest price possible. They usually require some type of minimum purchase so be prepared for quantity. They are also hard to find. Unless you attend a show like ASD in Las Vegas you might be hard pressed to locate a “real” wholesaler. There are numerous wholesalers (and I use the term loosely) on the internet, but they aren’t true wholesalers. These are companies that get products in batches for a good deal and turn around and sell them. Wholesalers usually have either a direction connection to the manufacturer or they are the manufacturer themselves. True wholesalers aren’t middle men.

 Beautiful natural stone jewelry at ASD Las Vegas

Most of the wholesalers you might find on the internet buy close outs. This is particularly troubling if you are trying to build a business. Nothing hurts you more than finding the perfect item only to find that it is no longer available. I had this happen with some beautiful amber earrings once, everyone loved them and then my supply dried up. I couldn’t get a single pair and the vendor disappeared, so sad. There goes all my hard work in product identification and promotion. There is also nothing sadder than finding out that something you have been purchasing can be found for less from the actual manufacturer and they ship faster.

I would highly recommend trade shows such as ASD Las Vegas. Not only do these types of trade shows give you the opportunity to browse various products, they give you a chance to discuss manufacturing, construction, delivery, pricing and other important aspects of a vendor/retailer relationship. Finding vendors with neat stuff is only half the battle. Developing a lasting relationship whereby a vendor can meet or exceed your product needs is vastly important. After all, if we don’t have reliable products and supply chains the coolness of the product is a moot point.

If you can't find it here it doesn't exist!

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