Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cuff Links


Now cuff links aren’t exactly the type of jewelry that is on everyone’s lips but they are very useful. Men are taking a little more time in dressing nowadays. The pocket watch is making a comeback and many guys love the look of a wristwatch. Gone are the days of looking at your cellphone for the time, well not completely gone but wearing a watch is definitely a trend.



Since so many guys are thinking about fashion, what to wear and how to wear it, it’s not a complete surprise that cuff links are now more popular. A cuff link requires a shirt with a French cuff. A standard button cuff won’t do. You need those little slots to put the cuff link in and more and more stores are now carrying this type of shirt. There was a time fifteen or twenty years ago when you couldn’t find a French cuff. It seemed to be only available in specialty menswear stores or very high end department stores.

Now all menswear stores carry French cuff shirts as an option and there are many ready to wear available. Another nice aspect of this fashion trend is not all cuff links are stuffy. While cuff links were once the territory of the wealthy and well dressed, now they are a fashion statement and that statement can be fun. You can support your sports team, declare your hobbies or simply go with something whimsical. There are many options available.


So declare your fashion style and wear a French cuff shirt and some personal cuff links. If you’re stuck in a suit all day you might as well have some fun. Besides, cuff links can be conversation piece and who doesn’t need a conversation starter every now and then? It’s what all the well-dressed men are wearing.


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  1. What lovely cuff links really pretty and your fashion style and wear a French cuff shirt and some personal cuff very awesome thanks for nice it.