Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Clothing as Jewelry

Pandora Jubliee Clutch, $965, Charlotte Olympia

A hot trend for clothing is not just jewel color fabrics but actual jewels printed on fabric. Think diamond patterns and pearl strings. The easiest way to visualize this trend is to take a humble white t-shirt and imprint blown up pictures of real jewelry around the collar area. The idea is similar to painted silk but instead of pictures of scenery or birds, there are jewels strewn about the fabric. It makes for interesting clothing. Now I’ve seen some of recent introductions of these garments and it can be done right and it can be done wrong.

Back in the 80s I remember a trend of imprinting gems on silk sweats or t-shirts. This does seem a little like a redo of that past fashion faux pas. In fact, many of these imprinted fabrics were cringe worthy so I’m not super thrilled that it is coming back into fashion. I’ve seen a few examples of scarves, clutches and even shoes that seem okay. It’s the pants and sweaters that have me worried.

Pearl Skimmer, stubbsandwootton.com

For those of you who don’t remember this trend it was a bit silly and ultimately was worn by a lot of our mothers. The process was not cheap. I can still see classy older women wearing navy blue silk pants with a matching navy silk zip up jacket, the neckline imprinted with gold chains and pearls. Now of course the style is worn differently, not in the form of a matchy matchy outfit. I’ve seen the sweater/cardigan set with gemstone pictures worn with leather pants, much hipper.

The best way to address any new trend is to go slowly. Also don’t go for a head to toe look. While it may look great on the runway, it might be overkill in the office. I love the gem imprinted sweater with jeans or leather pants. A scarf is always nice and by adding a little bit of a trend you look hot but not over the top. An evening bag or clutch with imprinted gemstones is also a nice touch. Many women love their jewelry and this is a great way to wear it all the time.

Diamond Necklace Top

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