Monday, August 20, 2012

Bejeweled Clutches

Beautiful jewel toned clutches

One of my missions while at ASD Las Vegas was to find some handbags. I’m thinking about introducing accessories to my jewelry store and evening bags seemed like a natural. Now there were a lot of pretty leather and synthetic handbags to be found at the show, but shiny and jeweled clutches were the products that caught my eye.

I wandered around the convention center for at least two days, looking at vendor’s wares before I decided on where to purchase. I found a very helpful gal named Kelly who had the most fabulous evening bags. They were all sparkle and shine and will fit in nicely with my jewelry. The company is City Design Group, Inc. D.B.A. One Up & NY. They have a Facebook page and everyone should follow them. Hope this link works:!/jnbfashion.citydesign

Don't forget animal prints 

What I like the best about their bags is the uniqueness of the product. The style is edgy yet classic. I can actually see my Mom and my daughter wearing these bags. That is really something! An evening bag should be classic but it also has to make a statement, these bags fit the bill. They have just enough sparkle to say “I’m special” but the sparkle isn’t overkill. I saw a lot of evening bags at the show that just went over the top. They had sequins, rhinestones and fleur de lis all at the same time. I know an evening bag should shine but it shouldn’t blind.

So now that I’ve found the perfect evening bags they will be up on my website soon. Come and check them out and if you like the designs there are many more. These bags have style and flair, something that is sometimes hard to find. I was also impressed with the construction. I like a bag that will hold up to the test of time both in style and durability. Believe me when I tell you that I found a lot of nice looking bags but they didn’t appear to be durable. I will be kind to these other vendors and not mention the extent of quality. If you’re looking for quality and panache take a look, you just might find something you love. I know I did.

Got to love these neutrals

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