Thursday, August 2, 2012

August is Accessories Month

Summer hats and sunglasses, now on sale!

Well it’s not officially accessories month but I heard that accessories and women’s sleepwear are cheapest during the month of August. Apparently many stores are clearing out their summer accessories to make way for the new fall lines. When stores clear out old inventory they usually cut prices drastically. This is a boon for shoppers. Now there is only one caveat to this sale. It is the spring and summer stuff that has got to go.

As many know, spring and summer accessories are usually made in lighter materials and brighter colors. We lighter up as the weather gets warmer so there are a lot of cloth or natural material accessories on the market. Think cloth tote bags or rope belts. Anything summery should be on sale. So if you’re looking for the perfect dark leather accessory or something in suede you may have to wait. I would also think that summer clothing would be on sale this month.

Straw hats, light scarves and sandals

Back to school advertisements are back in full swing. You can’t turn on the TV or open a newspaper without seeing that someone is selling backpacks and notebooks. If you’re looking for these things, go for it. I personally am looking for a light colored belt. Something in a light brown or ivory, I will go with yellow if it is outstanding. The light taupe belt I had in my closet which goes perfectly with my navy and white polka dot dress slips. The color is great, the style is perfect; it’s just one of those belts that slips through the loop and slowly loosens over the course of a day, very uncomfortable. I keep thinking that it will eventually fall off.

This is the reason for looking for a new belt. Since I’m super cheap I always love to buy things on sale. Accessories in particular should be bought on sale since I usually try and purchase something trendy to keep an outfit current. If you’re buying something trendy you shouldn’t spend too much. The same doesn’t apply to leather handbags even though they are accessories. Although I bet there are great deals on straw clutches. So go out to your favorite store and take a look, you might find that perfect accessory.

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