Friday, August 24, 2012

An Arm Party

For all of you who know, have an arm party! For those not familiar with the term, an arm party is basically wearing a lot of bangles, bracelets and trinkets all on our wrists. It’s a fun way to accessorize and can be tailored not only to the outfit but to the wearers personality. Having an arm party is still a hot trend and as summer continues a great way to show off your collection.


I love the look of a bracelet watch and some bangles. It is not only functional, you can tell the time, it looks good. Now you don’t always have to use a watch, you can use just about any combination that you find attractive. It’s actually better if you do a little mixing and matching. Now is the time to be eclectic. You can mix vintage with new, costume with real, natural materials with alternative metals. The fun part about an arm party is anything goes!

I’ve recently purchased some small bracelet watches for women. It was a choice I specifically made with the concept of an arm party. I had on my usual Murano glass bead bracelet, the gold one, and paired it with a slim gold toned bracelet watch. It was quite attractive and perfect for mixing. I was quite proud of myself for finding a watch that worked so well with my beaded bracelet.


I will be working hard this weekend to get some pictures out of my hubby for the store and also to get the item up on the website. It is so awesome! So those of you are thinking of having an arm party, go ahead and indulge. It’s still summer and short sleeve are practical and fashionable. Hey it’s Friday night, what a perfect idea for date night.

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