Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Happened to my Sunshine?

Awesome leather tote bag, I highly recommend you get one

The past week or two has been absolutely crazy. I would not repeat it again if someone paid me real money. I’ve had to travel a lot, mostly back and forth kind of travel and I really didn’t like it. It was a lot of work and very little reward. The worst part of all this traveling about was the micro-climate aspect. I would travel from one place where the weather was mild to another place where the weather was oppressively hot. Problem, what to wear?

When I came home yesterday from another long day away I had to quickly change because the weather was 30 degrees cooler than from where I came. This is quite a change and I unfortunately didn’t layer. I know that everyone says to dress in layers when you do a lot of traveling. The concept is to remove or add layers as the day gets hotter or cooler. While a really great idea, I find that toting around those extra pieces of clothing can be a little difficult. Even with an awesome tote bag. What to do?

Dress in layers or put on some pants to change a look and stay warm

In my case I came home so I could just change. For those who travel from one region to another and don’t have access to their entire wardrobe, you will have to bring some clothing along. If you have your car, there is always the trunk. This is probably why my daughter has so many clothes in her in car. I’ve found that I always carry an umbrella in my trunk and sometimes a light jacket. I always make sure I have a jacket and a scarf. For this trip I loaded up a tote bag with a pair of shoes, a jacket and scarf, just in case. You never know when you might want to change shoes.

Traveling is like being a girl scout, you have to be prepared. I have a very large leather tote, almost like an overnighter that I pack for day trips. I put whatever I need or might need and bring it along. I stash it in the trunk of my car, and then I’m prepared. Sometimes I actually pack another outfit. You never know when inspiration will hit. Summer isn’t always sunny and bright, especially in the Bay Area. Today I woke to overcast and 57 degrees, I rest my case.

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