Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The World's Thinnest iPhone Wallet

Every now and then I come across a gadget or doodad that is intriguing. While usually this item or piece of information is associated with jewelry or fashion, occasionally it has nothing to do with jewelry. My hubby found a new iPhone wallet. He is really a minimalist when it comes to leaving the house. When iPods first came out he would bring it everywhere along with his wallet, cell phone, day planner and other paraphernalia. Since the advent of the iPhone he has been paring down.

He no longer has to bring a cell phone, iPod and written schedule with him. The iPhone has all those things right on it. This has probably allowed a lot of people to reduce the number of gadgets that they throw in their purses, pockets or briefcases everyday. Now they make a wallet that is an iPhone case. This was the last little piece of his minimalist puzzle. He now can leave the house with just an iPhone and his car keys.

The iLid case is a typical iPhone case except it has a small compartment on the back that can hold two credit cards and a photo ID. There is also a clip so you can fold up some money and slide it in. While my hubby doesn’t use this feature it has a slot for a house key. This is probably handy for anyone who runs and uses their iPhone to listen to music. My daughter saw the iLid and wanted one for clubbing. It holds her ID and some money for drinks and she doesn’t have to worry about carrying around a purse.

Now personally I think it’s a pretty cool iPhone case. If allows you to have a couple of important things handy without carrying around a lot of other stuff. Perfect for running to the grocery store or post office. This case works perfect for my hubby but it wouldn’t work without me (see how I like to take the credit). Let’s face it, if he needs an aspirin, hand sanitizer or a pen he turns to me and my magic designer handbag. While he maybe paring down I don’t think I ever will. After all, where will he put his occasionally used stuff? I love being useful!

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