Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Beauty of Jewelry

Do you have one of these hoards?

Just about everyone has a large box, maybe a shoe box or two filled with costume jewelry. I admit that I am no different. I actually have several boxes of costume jewelry. Some of it has tarnished with time. A few pieces are missing their mates, and another group seems just plain dated. This last group makes me wonder about my personal fashion taste. What they all have in common is the ability to create a memory.

When I first got married I didn’t have pierced ears so I owned a lot of clip on earrings. These were handy for Halloween costumes and dress up for my daughter when she was young, before pierced ears. There are gaudy hoops and strange dangles made of material of questionable value. I remember my daughter borrowing a pair for a costume and only one of the hoops came home. At the time I was bummed because I kind of liked those earrings. For some bizarre reason I’ve actually kept the remaining earring. It will forever remind me of her desire to be Jasmine for Halloween.

 A girl's first opportunity to wear jewelry, Halloween!

I guess I’m in a sentimental mood and these little pieces of pot metal and glass bring me back to a time when things were less complicated. It reminds me of the joy of buying a piece of jewelry just for one outfit. It was something that was probably worn once and never again regardless of its sparkle and shine. It brings back a memory of having the perfect outfit, the perfect weight or just when I was happy, even for a fleeting moment.

Jewelry doesn’t always have to be something expensive or rare. It just has to be something that makes the moment perfect in our own eyes. It adds that special something; after all, what would a gypsy be without large gold hoop earrings? So take a moment or two and dig out one of those shoe boxes. You can either purge or hoard, it’s entirely up to you but take a trip down memory lane. That is the true beauty of jewelry.

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