Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Technology Illiterate

So easy a child could do it!

I will readily admit that when it comes to technology I am way behind the curve. My hubby likes to think that I can learn it but it just doesn’t sink in, and stay. When I have a problem with the internet my solution is to turn off the modem, wait 10 seconds then turn it back on. Not the stuff technology legends are made of. It’s kind of like kicking the washing machine or smacking the TV when it doesn’t work.

In today’s internet connected society it is virtually impossible to exist without learning some technology. You cannot hold down a job without email. You better know Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook or some other equivalent. It is the same with iPhones or other smartphones. It is a technology that we cannot live without and it is important to be knowledgeable. Yet there are people who do not have texting or internet capabilities on their phone. I had a friend who referred to her phone as a “dumb phone.”

At the recent JCK in Las Vegas they had Wi-Fi throughout the convention center. This was awesome partly due to the “map” App. While you can carry around a large folding map, there is an App that lets you keep track of where you want to go and the booth location. Additionally, many of the sellers at the show provided QR codes and used the QR code on your badge to quickly access information on your business. This is much quicker than asking someone to fill out an information card or taking a business card that requires sorting at a later date. Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. The internet is an astounding place but smartphones are a close competitor.

Today’s smartphones can do so many things. They can send a text message, keep track of your calendar, keep contact information, and check your email, the weather and your Facebook page. The average smartphone has a GPS so you never get lost. It is amazing that twenty years ago when you logged onto the internet to collect email (remember AOL) you could go get a cup of coffee while it loaded. Now you can buy a wool scarf from a shop in Scotland or spices from India and have it sent to your home. Retail is the reason I love the internet and why I have bothered to learn technology, said the shopaholic.

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