Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Target and Neiman Marcus

Missoni came and went a little too quickly

Target is famous for working with designers and creating affordable and sensational combinations. The recent Missoni collaboration showed the public that designer fashion at affordable pricing is desired by everyone. The newest designer collaboration will be jewelry so of course I am very interested.

The entire designer list has not actually been announced but according to information this will be a huge group effort for the holiday season. Word has it that it will be a 50 item collection and the prices range from $8 to $500. While Neiman Marcus doesn’t necessarily need Target, it could open the door for some younger and budget minded shoppers to discover Neiman Marcus. Neiman Marcus already has a reputation for luxury goods in a spectacular setting. By teaming up with Target they introduce themselves to “Cheap Chic.”

 Loved the outfit in the middle, couldn't find it at all

Many are waiting somewhat impatiently for these pieces that won’t be available till December 1st. On the plus side there will be a preview of the pieces on October 16th. Target is also vowing after its Missoni debacle to limit the number of items each shopper could purchase. For those that don’t remember, on the first day that Missoni was available shoppers ran to grab as much designer wear as possible. Stuffing shopping carts and buying entire racks, quickly cleaning out all available stock. Many of the items ended up on EBay within hours at much higher prices.

Target is also improving its website in anticipation of huge demand. The website was also a problem when Missoni hit the store; it crashed, froze or simply got orders wrong. I’m hopeful that Target gets these problems resolved and that when the items go up for sale I might be able to purchase something. It should be interesting to see what Target and Neiman Marcus come up with, until then we will just have to wait.

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