Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shopping Online

Please get it fixed!

Just about everyone shops online, even my mother in law who is a professed computer phobic. Shopping online allows you to compare pricing and products from everywhere. Many times I’m looking for something that is a little odd or can’t be found in local stores, I usually find it online. It’s almost as if online stores carry what brick and mortar stores don’t or won’t. Another nice aspect of shopping online is the lack of sales representatives; this is low pressure shopping at its finest.

Some stores are turning to low pressure sales as a method of attracting customers. Once all cosmetic counters in department stores kept their products behind the counter and if you wanted to know a product’s attributes, price or get a sample you had to ask a white coated sales rep for assistance. Not so much anymore. The internet has shown that people like to shop uninhibited without someone hanging over their shoulder. This is particularly true of men.

 A busy mall can be a turn off

Men aren’t known for big shopping trips. They have a tendency to go into a store, pick out a pair of whatevers, try them on, pay for them and leave. They don’t browse a whole lot. On the other hand, men seem to browse more online. This could be attributed to the atmosphere online, no one trying to sell them something. In today’s economy people have less disposable income. They know what they need to buy, what they would like to buy and what they wish they could buy. No one needs to be standing next to them letting them know what is available and at what price. Every shopping experience doesn’t have to be like visiting a used car lot.

The main purpose of a sales representative is to help the client understand the product. What are the benefits of purchasing this particular product over another? The consumer of today is better informed or experienced in which products they like and which ones they will not purchase again. Personally I like the freedom of being able to ask a question if I like, and to be left entirely alone to shop if I want. Sometimes I just like to go to a store and browse undisturbed, it’s my form of relaxation therapy. Maybe that’s why I shop online a lot.

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