Friday, July 6, 2012

Picture This!

I confess that I shop a lot online. It’s a fun place to browse and who doesn’t like to fill an imaginary shopping cart without having to get dirty looks from clerks when you don’t buy or put everything back? Part of the fun is looking. Pictures can make or break a product in my opinion. I haven’t found my limits on the number of pictures of a particular product yet. To me, the more the merrier. This is why I am a little disappointed in my own website, not enough pictures.

When you post something to EBay they generally allow an unlimited number of pictures and this makes browsing fun. A website has its limits and things can run really slow if you put up tons of pictures of one item. There is a way around these limitations, video. If you make a short video of your product you can share it with the world. Now it’s not fun or easy to make these videos but the work is well worth it.

Professional photographers and videographers will try and convince you that you need their services. They will have spectacular lighting and get some announcer with a British accent to narrate your video. They will have dramatic intros and detailed explanations of the product. While this is all fine and good, a short blip that is less than two minutes might work really well. has been making video descriptions of its shoes with ordinary people for years. The videos are natural and informative. No grand productions, simple and easy.

Always keep things simple, no fancy backgrounds or models needed. Try and show all angles of the product. You can also rerecord the description of the product if you don’t show yourself talking. Remember, the product is the star not you. So I will be pushing for some videos of my products since I shouldn’t be putting more photos on the website. Don’t want to slow things down. Besides who doesn’t like to watch a video description of a product instead of reading about it? A video is so much more informative.

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