Friday, July 13, 2012

The Leopard Print Flat

The picture that started it all, love those shoes

I saw a picture of Julia Roberts the other day. She was walking through an airport wearing jeans, a cardigan sweater, cotton scarf and some awesome leopard print flats. I couldn't believe how cute this outfit looked. It was so cute that I immediately went to to look for a similar shoe.

There were quite a few flats available in an animal print. I have to say that there were some faux snake skin print that looked really cute. What was so amazing about these animal print flats was how they dressed up an outfit. Simple denim jeans became something special. They still had their casual appeal but I could see these shoes working with a black dress.

 These might fit the bill

I have a flattering wrap dress in a couple of different colors and these shoes will probably work for all of them. A cardigan sweater or linen blazer is a good cover up if the weather should turn chilly. Its a great shoe because its comfortable and it adds a little interest to any outfit. You can also add a leopard print scarf to keep the theme running. But be careful of adding to many animal prints, you dont want to look like a zoo.

So I will wait patiently, or not so patiently for my shoes to arrive. They have overnight shipping for shoeaholics like me. I guess Ive bought a lot of shoes from Zappos. Im already planning my outfits for this shoe. Ive got some great black leggings or maybe a brown jersey dress. Ive also got some black silk pants that would look great. Tomorrow will be a highly anticipated delivery day.

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