Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jewelry for Men is "In" Style

It doesn't get more alternative than stainless steel and rubber

I listened to an interesting conversation the other day between my husband and the boyfriend of one of my nieces. It wouldn’t be that interesting except it was about their mutual love of watches. My husband was old enough to be this kid’s father so it was interesting to hear them discuss watches with such similarity. Watches have always been the go to jewelry for men. They are status symbols as well as timepieces. Now men are discovering what women have known for years, jewelry is fun.

Due to media influences men are taking greater notice of jewelry. What was not okay to wear in the past is now becoming acceptable. Sports figures and television personalities are wearing jewelry. The obligatory wedding ring and watch are now giving way to dog tags and chunky necklaces. This influence in jewelry styles for men has opened the door for more stylish watches made from alternative metals and materials. The watch my husband was admiring had a tortoise shell band, quite unique.

Black carbon fiber and stainless steel dog tags on a leather cord

If you walk around a jewelry store you notice that more cases are being devoted to jewelry for men. This is not the standard watch and fine writing instrument cases, but actual jewelry. Necklaces and leather bracelets, alternative metal rings designed and made specifically for men. I recently had a wedding band made for a client. Instead of the standard gold band he wanted titanium with a gold inlay. The brushed metal exterior and contrasting metals are definitely nontraditional.

This is probably what men are looking for, a stylish alternative. Not that the traditional jewelry elements for men are not wonderful. It’s just that men today are seeking something that sets them apart from the ordinary. Watches with creative finishes and metals are popular, as well as alternative metal jewelry. So guys feel free to explore jewelry. It makes a bold statement!

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