Monday, July 23, 2012

I Can't Live a Vegan Lifestyle...Sorry

I give a thumb up for anyone who can live a vegan lifestyle. It sounds really hard. You can’t eat or use anything made from animals or their by-products. This means no honey, dairy or clothing made from animals. While bees make honey, apparently an insect is a living creature and you can’t eat yummy honey. Many vegans eat according to this plan due to moral reasoning. Some do it for health reasons. Eating vegan is supposed to help you lose weight and reduce intestinal bloating. While these are all laudable reasons for a vegan lifestyle I probably couldn’t do it.

I unfortunately love shoes, and in particular leather shoes. I also love leather handbags. I recently found out that a vegan doesn’t wear pearls. This makes sense since pearls are found inside of an oyster. A pearl is the natural result of the oyster’s defenses against an internal irritant. I will readily admit that when it comes to being vegan I would be a bad person. I actually own many leather shoes, handbags and even a couple of fur coats, although they’re vintage fur coats. What's more, no more cashmere sweaters or wool scarves.

A summertime favorite, not if your a vegan

I also admit to eating marshmallows. Apparently some companies that make marshmallows use gelatin in the manufacturing of their marshmallows. I didn’t know this until I read a blip about the vegan diet. Not eating meat such as vegetarian do would be hard enough, but to truly eat vegan takes a lot of willpower. No more Greek yogurt with honey, one of my favorite foods. Moreover, with no more marshmallows you can count smores out of the picture. That would be a bummer around the campfire.

I guess I’m too much of a slave to fashion, although I never saw my self this way. I want to look good and have nice clothes and jewelry and this sometimes requires wearing leather or pearls or both together. Not to mention some of my pearls were a gift after my Grandmother passed. I would never give those away because of the sentimental value, vegan lifestyle or not. Like I said, I would make a bad vegan so thank goodness I’m not trying.

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