Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Wear Colored Jeans

Notice the abundance of neutrals

A hot fashion trend this summer is colored jeans. These jeans come in a rainbow of colors, from pink to red to neon green. They come in just about any color you can image. I resisted for about a week then I bought some really cute pink jeans. I thought they would look awesome with a blush colored tank top I already owned, a denim jacket and burgundy scarf. In my mind’s eye it was a cool outfit. When I went out into the summer sun my husband commented on how “pink” I was looking. I wasn’t going for the totally pink aura look.

Colored jeans can be a little tricky. If you’re the adventurous type you probably can get away with anything. I’ve found that I have to temper my bright shocks of color with some serious neutrals. If the day is warm and the coastal fog burns off early, I like to wear my pink jeans with white. It’s cool and crisp, yet fun. White Keds, white tank top and maybe that denim jacket if it’s chilly. For those overcast fog bound days, I think the classic pink with black works. I’ve also noticed that colored jeans look really good with denim. So if you have a denim shirt, now is the time to wear it.

White or black looks great with bright jeans

I’m past the age were I can get away with wearing a pair of matching Chuck Converse tennis shoes with my colored jeans. It looks a little hokey on me. I can however get away with Keds, the lines of these tennis shoes are simpler, less busy and still classic. Leather loafers are also a great shoe. Colored jeans work best when they’re worn in a casual outfit so ballet flats or loafers work great. Think bright turquoise jeans, black tank and cardigan with a pair of black loafers. You can be bright, casual, age appropriate and fashionable all in a pair of colored jeans.

Accessories can also be tricky with colored jeans. The jeans themselves are already screaming “look at me.” By pairing them with brightly colored accessories you just might be asking for it. I stick with silver or white gold rings. A diamond or two doesn’t hurt, but don’t wear too many rings, you don’t want to look cluttered. I also keep earrings simple, studs are good. I usually go a little nuts with bracelets. If I’m wearing cool colors I stick to my white and black beaded charm bracelet. If I’m wearing warm colors, I go with the browns and gold beads. The trick is to let the colored jeans be the center of attention while keeping everything else subtle. Kind of like a bride and her bridesmaids.

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