Monday, July 9, 2012

Fashion for the Other Half

Explain how this t-shirt is worth $90?

Now when I say fashion for the other half I don’t mean our husbands. I mean for that other half that actually has a budget. Gywneth Paltrow recently blogged about her “under $100” white t-shirt on and how awesome and updated this t-shirt is. The t-shirt cost $90 so it technically was under $100, but do you know how many white t-shirts I can buy at Target for that $90? She also put together essential pieces for a wardrobe that totaled $20,000. Good for Gywneth that she can spend $20,000 on basic clothing.

The rest of us aren’t trust fund babies so we need to look for good deals. This brings us back to the white t-shirt. Truthfully you can get some really nice t-shirts at LL Bean and Target, also don’t forget Old Navy or H & M. A white t-shirt is a summer essential and I usually have two or three. The problem with a white t-shirt is after a summer of fun it isn’t so white anymore. This brings me to an elephant in the room, why spend $90 on a t-shirt that will probably end the summer with a mustard stain?

 The Row Alligator Backpack $34,000, really?

With fashion it is important to try and stay current but to also honor your own personal style. While skinny jeans maybe trending right now, they may not be a style for everyone so it’s okay to skip it. Several years ago t-shirts began getting shorter. I know this because I was past the age of getting taller and every white t-shirt I bought seemed to fall right in my danger zone. That spot that emphasized a figure flaw that no woman wants to show off. Now that t-shirts are clingy, they also seem to be getting longer. Fashions come and fashions go so why spend $90 on a t-shirt?

What is important is finding fashion that you love, that still looks trendy and makes you feel great. It doesn’t matter if the t-shirt cost $100 or $10 as long as it works for you. That’s the wonderful thing about fashion; it’s the variety that matters. So instead of listening to someone with an unlimited bank account tell us what a fabulous buy is, listen to your self. You probably know a lot more about what makes you look good and feel good than you think and you'll save a fortune.

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