Friday, July 20, 2012

And I Thought I was Bad

A novel by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Everyone has something that they just love. When it goes on sale they can’t resist the purchase. Sometimes it becomes a collection, other times it’s just something we love. Anyway you slice it, it borders on obsession when you plan world travel around a shopping expedition. Yes there are people who have fashion collections that require world travel or at least travel outside their immediate area.

There was an article featuring the Hermes handbag obsession of author Barbara Taylor Bradford. She has 24 Hermes handbags in her collection but is still trying to acquire the illusive Birkin. She has been told there are none available and if she is interested she can put her name on the “list.” Anyone who watched the episode where Samantha name drops to get a Birkin knows about the “list.” The Bradfords have declined this option. They feel it is shallow to place ones name on a list for a handbag.

 The missing bag from the collection

While I agree there are better list to have your name on than a handbag list, the article appeared to be a little self serving. It seems that the Bradfords have been able to purchase all 24 Hermes handbags by simply walking into the boutique and purchasing. So why can't they get a Birkin?  Mrs. Bradford's collection has been amassed over a 48 year period. Mr. Bradford professes to be a good customer and with purchasing his wife 24 handbags I can concur. It will be interesting to see if Hermes succumbs to this media blackmail. “A Birkin which Mrs. Bradford has been unable to obtain” reads the caption under a picture of the illusive bag.

While I have many obsessions I have never stooped to a media article to get what I want from a retailer. I usually reserve articles to get what I want out of my hubby. Since The Wall Street Journal is a huge publication it will be interesting to see if Mrs. Barbara Taylor Bradford gets her Birkin. I’m sure the media attention will either endear her to Hermes or make a permanent enemy. We’ll have to wait and see how powerful Hermes really is. On the other hand, the article may serve the exclusivity aspect of the Birkin handbag. After all, if a well know author and avid customer can’t get one how will the rest of us fare?
Barbara Taylor Bradford and generous hubby Robert

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