Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alternative Metal Stacking Bracelets

Start with a stainless steel cuff bangle

Stacking bracelets are a really hot trend and don’t seem to be cooling anytime soon. The bare armed look this summer also lends itself well to this trend. What looks better than an arm full of bracelets and a sleeveless top? Since this jewelry fashion look requires quite a few bracelets to give a full stacked look, it can get expensive when purchasing gold or silver. Alternative metals can be the way to go if you want this wear this fashion trend without breaking the bank.

One of the great advantages, expense wise, of purchasing alternative metals for the stacking bracelet look is how much money you will save. But did you know there are other advantages? Alternative metals such as surgical stainless steel and titanium are hard metals and when wearing stacked bracelets they will rub against each other. The harder the metal the less it will scratch and chip. Also, by mixing the metals you create depth and color.

Add a thin rose gold plated bangle for color and texture

To create a fabulous stack of bracelets start with metal. Find different width or etched designs for interest. Once you have some really awesome metal bracelets you might want to add color. Color can either be subtle or match an outfit. You can also use color to make your stack of bracelets pop, be creative. Once you have a good mix you can add leather or cloth to soften. Cloth can be added to create interest and color. Leather gives your stack of bracelets an edge.

Anyway you stack it you will love it. To use an interior designer trick, your random stack of bracelets should be an uneven number. So try this hot fashion trend for the summer and dress up anything you wear. Personally I love the chunky bracelet look and am going to look for some in alternative metals. Why not take advantage of a hot fashion trend that is both good looking and affordable?

A braided leather bracelet is interesting

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