Monday, June 18, 2012

Younger Looking Eyes

Minimal make up for a more youthful look

As I begin my foray into a new decade I start to wonder about the aging process. We all want to look as young as possible, for as long as possible. There are tons of creams and potions out on the market that claim to “erase signs of aging.” There are also as many procedures to plump up or tuck away those pesky wrinkles. But what can we do to make ourselves look as young as we can with spending a fortune or going under the knife?

I’ve seen some recent articles that give tips on looking younger and the eyes are a focal point. One article touted eye make up techniques. When making up your eyes, less is more. Stay away from heavy foundations and powders in the eye area. Too much make up will just sink into the lines and create more emphasis. Also don’t go too dark with your eye shadow colors. A light honey or flesh tone across the lid will blend away discoloration and bring eyes out. Apparently a lot of dark liner is a no-no. It just makes your eyes dated.

Less is more

I thought about a younger looking eye and asked myself, “What does a younger eye look like?” Young girls rarely wear lots of mascara and eye make up. So blobbing on the eye make up will probably make my eyes look older. By going au natural we mimic what we want to emulate. If you just enhance what you have instead of trying to change it, you might have better results. This means a minimum of mascara and lighter shadows. Use liner sparely and stick to brown and use black only if you must. Remember a light hand!

I also noticed that young girls don’t pluck their eyebrows. A thin or sparse eyebrow does not signal youth. Now I’m not advocating for the no maintenance eyebrow. Just make sure you aren’t overdoing it. This also means don’t over groom. The perfect eyebrow can also make you look older. It’s hard, but find that balance between overdone and not done at all. I’m not sure if these tips will work for everyone but since I’m somewhat lazy, I’m giving it a try. So far my dental hygienist said I look younger, that was the day I wore lip gloss and no eye shadow. Maybe it works.

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