Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Begins

Two different looks, the scarf and clutch go with both

Its official, summer begins today. In my area we have actually had some pretty warm weather. Hot days and warm nights make for summer dressing. It’s time to break out the summer attire. This means sundresses and sandals. A sundress is actually an easy way to get dressed in the morning. Dresses are a complete outfit. No matching a top to a bottom, just find the right pair of shoes or sandals and you’re done, sort of.

Sundresses also lend themselves to accessories. A hot trend and a really good look is the maxi sundress. I’ve seen quite a few ladies out and about wearing this trend and I have to say it’s quite attractive. It’s important to find a maxi dress with a fitted bodice; otherwise you’ll end up looking like your wearing a Mumu. Simple sandals with a low heel, maybe 1-1 ½ inches looks best. You don’t want the wear huge platforms or stilettos; it will look like you’re trying too hard. Also a maxi sundress is a casual look so you don’t want to clutter it up with something too dressy.

Casual and cute with a jean jacket

Next comes accessories. I’ve seen these same maxi sundresses worn with cool cotton or linen Ikat scarves. A patterned scarf looks great with a solid colored or small simple patterned sundress. You don’t want the two fabrics competing with each other. Now a scarf looks best with either a spaghetti strap or very thin sleeveless designs. You also want an open neckline. This way the scarf doesn’t look like it’s swallowing up your neck, or you’re trying to fight off cold weather, nothing bulky. Also don’t wear a scrap of material, it will only look odd and unbalanced, if you’re going to show skin, show it.

Sundresses are a great look with your hair in a pony or just half up and half down. Show off your neck and a great pair of earrings. Going small and delicate on the earrings is good if you’ve got the scarf thing going on, but make sure you’ve got some awesome cuffs or bold bracelets. A sundress is a great casual yet finished summer outfit. Perfect for going out sightseeing or stopping by the coffee shop to meet with some friends. Personally I might try one of these looks this summer, it looks totally comfortable yet dressy enough to look pulled together. Happy first day of summer.

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