Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Statement Ring

A statement ring worn elegantly and alone

Statement rings are those rings that well…make a statement. They are usually large and impressive. They are the type of ring that is noticed by all those around the wearer. I love a statement ring. A large ring worn singularly on the hand has been a hot trend and upon further investigation it is still hot. JCK has featured many statement rings this year and many have used this fashion accessory as part of their advertising. After all, who wouldn’t want to show off these rings in an ad?

One of the best ways to wear a statement ring is to let the ring be the star. It should be large enough to stand alone. No bracelets, no cuffs and minimal sleeve embellishments or distractions. While this ring can be worn on your ring finger it seems to balance better when worn on the middle or index finger. Now it is not always possible to wear a statement ring on your index finger since sizing can be an issue. I have particularly large fingers and my index finger does not accommodate anything remotely women sized. I usually wear my statement rings on my middle finger sans other rings.

 Le Vian added bands of chocolate and white diamonds to make their statement

Now I know that large statement rings are still hot because I am still seeing them around. In fact they are more advertisements showing this style of ring than ever before. Le Vian has designed several cuffs, banded and large rings for this season. They are using many different types of gemstones and settings so there is probably something for every personal taste and budget. Don’t forget that Roberto Coin is featuring this stunner also.

So whether you like moonstones, chocolate diamonds or jade, statements can say a lot. Look for a setting that is comfortable and reflects your personal style. It is a single piece of jewelry that can grab the attention of many so you want it to say who you are and what you are about. I guess that is the purpose of a statement ring.

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