Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stacking Jewelry

Who wouldn't love this on their wrist?

As many of my readers know, I’m a big fan of anything stacking. This is probably because I still have that fairy princess mentality and like to pile on the jewelry. Kind of like a five year old having a tea party with their stuffed animals. Stacking jewelry is made for people like me. I wear stacking rings on a regular basis, partly because I think wearing rings on several of my fingers at once gives me a bohemian look. To me, jewelry is the icing on the cake of our outfits and most everyone loves icing on their cake.

Just as cuff bracelets and large bangles are still de rigueur, stacking jewelry seems to be everywhere. Every manufacturer and wholesaler has developed their own line and is now running with it. This is awesome because it gives the consumer a large selection of retailers, the ultimate purchaser, to choose from when looking to add stacking jewelry to their repertoire.

The options are endless

Stacking your bracelets has been a fashion “do” for quite awhile and women still love it. Brands such as Cora, Le Vian and others are stacking their bracelets. This gives the wearer options in creating their own look. While a cuff bracelet makes a bold statement, a wrist full of stacked bracelets also says something bold, but subtly. Bracelets that are stacked up your wrist have more movement. They’re fun and perfect for summer because they’re light and airy.

It’s also amazing how many different materials designers and manufacturers are using. Stacking bracelets are made of the usual sterling silver and gold, with or without gems, but now we are seeing more enamel and natural material. Leather, alternative metals, wood inlaid and even woven fabric are popping up as fashion accessories in the stacking jewelry realm. It’s great to see an expansion of something that I love so much. So now the hard part begins...what should I add to my jewelry wardrobe? After all, summer short sleeves and sleeveless clothing is the perfect venue for stacking bracelets.

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  1. I totally love this. Really cute. Wow! they are very special and personal jewellery!!