Monday, June 25, 2012

Refurbish That Handbag

When you find the perfect handbag, you never want to let it go

Many of us spend a small fortune on our accessories. This includes handbags. Sometimes they are literally worn to death. The handbag, while beloved, is scuffed, scratched and beaten during the course of its lifetime. A well made handbag with top quality material usually lasts the longest and for this reason I usually purchase well know designer or manufactured bags. But did you know you can have a handbag refurbished?

If you have a small repair, such as stitching unraveling or a small scuff, you can take your handbag to a local shoe repair store and they can fix it up for you. Let’s face it, shoe repair people are familiar with repairing leather goods and your handbag is made from leather. Try and get a recommendation from a trusted friend if you don’t know any good shoe repair people. Another place to take your worn handbag for repair is back to the manufacturer.

Evening bags are notorious for needing repairs

Some people may not know this, but many boutiques and stores where you purchased your handbag can take it back and send it to the manufacturer for repair. This is true of Dooney & Bourke, Chanel and Coach. You can go to their websites for more information and instructions on how to begin the repair process. While I have yet to use one of these services, it is one of the reasons I purchase Dooney & Bourke. I know that I’m getting a top quality, well made handbag, but if it should have an issue during its lifetime, it can be repaired.

We all have a perfect handbag that has given years of service and we hate to see it go. We’ve all worn a handbag with a few scuffs and scratches but I’m sure that over time it may become too embarrassing to wear. It’s like a favorite pair of shoes. Comfortable, stylish and perfect, but worn too often they become worn out. So instead of stuffing that worn handbag into its dust cover and putting it in the closet, try having it refurbished for further wear. In this economy it makes great financial sense to refurbish instead of replace.

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