Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Men and Their Watches

I was talking to my husband about jewelry the other day, it’s my favorite subject. He was telling me that he rarely sells women’s watches. The ratio is somewhere around twenty to twenty-five to one for men’s watches to women’s watches respectively. He was a little baffled by this because he knows that women wear watches. I have a theory.

Women wear watches but we also wear jewelry. We adorn ourselves from our head (tiaras and gem encrusted hair clips) to the tips of our toes (toe rings and anklets). There is also all that space in between to dress up with something sparkly. While my husband has a huge box of watches to choose from everyday, I only have two. There is an everyday watch that I wear and another that I wear for more dressy occasions. This is usually enough and fits my needs when it comes to watches. I believe it is the volume of jewelry possibilities that keeps my watch collection small.

For men, watches are now becoming their jewelry. Something they wear to show status and style, not just the time. After all, if you just wanted to know the time you could always refer to your cell phone, and this is precisely what many have been doing for years. The fashion resurgence of the watch shows that men want to get in the game of jewelry. While a man may shy away from wearing rings or ID bracelets, few will stay away from a really cool watch. Plus many modern watches have features beyond date and time.

My husband has watches with alarms, stop watches, skeleton bodies, and a host of other gadgets that would make any man proud. From my point of view watches seem more sophisticated and technologically advanced then they were twenty years ago. Maybe this is why they are becoming more popular. So with Father’s Day right around the corner, consider a watch for the man in your life, he might just love an addition to his collection.

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