Friday, June 22, 2012

For Flip Flopping Weather, Dress in Layers

Totally chic layered look

I’m not sure how the weather behaves where you are, but here it can be quite frustrating. The day before yesterday was sunny, bright and approaching triple digits. Yesterday is was cloudy, windy and cold. As I drove across the Bay Area to a friend’s house the weather went from cloudy to sunny and back to cloudy. Our weather has a personality disorder and can’t make up its mind. This flip flopping weather can make dressing for the day a little difficult. May I suggest layers?

Now that summer is officially here you know you’re going to get some really hot days. Where I live this is also true but I never know when that day will be. This usually means you see people dressed in sundresses, shorts and sandals just as it’s getting ready to rain. There is a solution and it involves wearing layers. You start with a base that you can add to or subtract from. A sleeveless sheath dress or a pair of slacks or skinny jeans with a sleeveless top work great, keep the base slim, you don’t want anything bulky. Next add a light cardigan or blazer that can be removed if the weather heats up or cools down. If it’s casual, go for a jean jacket, maybe in a great color other than denim.

Marc Jacob's does it right

Next comes one of my favorite accessories, the scarf. The scarf is an extremely versatile accessory. It can be worn around your neck, draped over your shoulders or simply removed if the weather gets too hot. Go for prints and keep the fabric light and summery. Tribal and ethnic motifs are not only current they’re casual and summery. Stay away from scarves with too much bulk or wintery fabrics like wool or cashmere. Stick with loose weaves of cotton or linen for a summery look.

The final accessory, other than your jewelry, is a large bag or tote. As the weather heats up or cools down you will need a place to put that scarf or maybe your cardigan. If you have a large tote you can stash that scarf and still look polished. Besides, who wants to carry around a jacket or scarf all day? I’m a California gal so I’m rarely without my car, I usually keep a jacket stashed in the trunk for weather changes, but when I’m away, a large tote works great. It’s also a great place to stash those little items when I’m out shopping, no bulky bags to wrangle. So today looks like a layer day, at least around here.

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