Monday, June 4, 2012

Bracelets, Bracelets and More Bracelets

Always one of my favorites, David Yurman

There are bracelets everywhere and they are still a fashion accessory staple. There are cuff bracelets, stacking bracelets and beaded charm bracelets. The usual designers are all present and accounted for and the materials used are endless. I saw bracelets made from natural materials, wood and beads, as well as natural stone and jade. There are of course the sterling silver and gold bracelets that appear every year. It is shocking to see so much 14 karat gold on display since gold is still immensely expensive. Although I have to say that I kind of like all the yellow gold bracelets, even though I’m not a fan of yellow gold.

The cuff style bracelet is still huge and the number of different designs can be mind boggling. There are modern military cuffs made of a solid strips of brass with a large and obvious hinge. No trying to figure out where the clasp is on this bracelet. The brass is then embellished with tortoise shell in smooth oval or rectangle shapes at random intervals around the cuff. Truly unique and a bracelet worth coveting.

 Flexible gold cuff, would be awesome in sterling silver

The cuff bracelet doesn’t have to be large and imposing. There are a number of different takes on this now ubiquitous bracelet. Cuff bracelets can be woven, showing off an open pattern design which has been present for a number of years in David Yurman’s designs. The nice thing about David Yurman is how he takes into consideration whether his customer would like yellow gold or white gold. This is important if you’re matching existing jewelry or a particular outfit.

So don’t worry that those cuff bracelets you purchased earlier in the year are going out of fashion. They’re still a big hit and popping up everywhere.  Some of my favorite looks are of course, anything by David Yurman, preferably in yellow gold worn with crisp whites. Break out those white jeans and a loose silk shirt; it will look spectacular with a wide yellow gold cuff. I also love a flexible sterling silver woven cuff worn with blush or pink, so summery. A touch of silver with blush tones looks great everywhere you go.

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