Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Accessory Dos and Don'ts

Accessories make the outfit

Accessory dos and don’ts…really? I’ve seen quite a few articles lately about how to put accessories together. Some pertain to going on a job interview, what to wear in an office environment and how to change it up for a night out after work. While I think some of these articles have a few good tips, do they go overboard in trying to rein in creativity?

Part of the fun of accessories is making an ordinary outfit your own. When forced to wear a standard yet acceptable “uniform” in a work environment we start looking like clones. Accessories add personality to an outfit. Now I’m not talking about those who actually wear a uniform to work. I’m talking about those who are subjected to a dress code, slightly different. I’m also not advocating for wearing large purple hats and feather boas to work. But you should try and add interest to your outfit through the addition of accessories.

Why not add color?

Think tasteful yet interesting. If forced to wear a blazer, why not dress it up with a scarf? Earrings don’t always have to be demure studs. You can wear size appropriate hoops and even dangles as long as they’re not too long or large. Just remember to keep everything else neat. There is nothing wrong with wearing a large bracelet, as long as it isn’t noisy. No one wants to hear every hand movement you make, think bold cuff or a large ceramic watch with a bold face.

I think businesses are much more lenient about personal style today. My bank has a young teller who wears a small nose stud. Everything else she wears is conservative and she even wears simple makeup. She looks professional. On the other hand I once had a teller who had ear piercing from the bottom of her lobe all the way around to the top…on both ears. She wore studs but in a rainbow of colors. I always thought this was slightly over the top and not very professional. I vote for accessories, not flamboyant over the top props.

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