Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Your Jewelry Box

Grandma's Pearls

What’s in your jewelry box? I’ve gone through my jewelry box and I have a variety of items, some real and some not so real. All of my jewelry has memories or at least a reason for its purchase. I’ve purchased most of my costume jewelry for fashion reasons. I was going on vacation or needed something for a specific outfit. I didn’t want to spend a fortune for a one time event and I’m sure that I’m not the only one to do this when purchasing fashion jewelry. Jewelry is an accessory and at times we've purchased it just to wear with a specific outfit to make that outfit really stylish. My husband has a hard time grasping this concept but I can talk to any woman and she knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The pearl I wore on my wedding day

Jewelry is a personal experience and can either be a treasure or not. I’ve made some bad decisions when it comes to fashion jewelry. I’ve purchased items that have literally only been worn once. I wish I could have worn it more than once but it ends up not looking good with anything else in my closet. I guess my pairing with a specific outfit was a little too specific. I never seem to have this problem with real jewelry or pieces that have gemstones or diamonds. Funny how this works. The more expensive the piece the more versatility it has and the more outfits can be worn with it. When we are purchasing a piece of jewelry for the long term we put more effort into making sure that it can be worn forever.

A cameo my husband bought the first year we were married

My husband’s Grandmother had a ton of jewelry. In that way we were a lot alike, we both loved jewelry. I remember that she worn jewelry even to bake cookies. When she passed away her extensive jewelry collection was gone through and a life time of jewelry was before me. I received her pearls since no one else in the family loved pearls. I had always loved pearls and everyone knew this so I was a perfect candidate to become the trustee of this treasure. Whenever I wear them I think of Grandma. She also had a huge collection of costume jewelry, Bakelite, wood and rhinestones, some dating back to the 20s and 30s. I found out after Grandma died that when she was a young lady her first husband took her to a speakeasy. I would have loved to have known Grandma then, what an exciting lady.

Grandma's Bakelite hair clip

I’m hoping that when I pass that my children and grandchildren will go through my jewelry box and find pieces that they love and want to keep for themselves. I’m not sure that the pieces will have the potential for being worn while in a speakeasy but they maybe worn for baking cookies. I tell my stories of jewelry to my daughter so she will remember each special piece. It’s like passing down a memory. I’ve told her the story of the single pearl on a gold chain in its own box. My husband sent it over the day we were getting married with a note, “For your something new.” It was so romantic and such a memory. Plus it’s in all our wedding photos. That is what jewelry truly is, a memory and a treasure that can invoke emotion. This is probably why I love jewelry so much.

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