Monday, May 21, 2012

Wear Some Gold

Essie polish in Shifting Power

Summer is approaching and wearing yellow gold is a natural. Wearing some gold this time of year is the gold standard (no pun intended). While I think it is silly to consume gold…what a waste…wearing gold on the other hand is brilliant. There is quite a bit of gold out there in the jewelry market so choosing the right piece can either be a daunting task or a shopaholic’s joyful moment. The fun really begins when you start examining all the different ways one can wear gold. It’s not just for jewelry anymore.

There is gold eye shadow. Tom Ford makes a metallic cream eye shadow that can up your everyday look. It’s available at select Neiman Marcus stores and will certainly add a summer golden glow. I’m also sure there are other eye shadows on the market that are manufactured in both creams and powders that can add a shimmery glow. Avon makes a powder eye shadow in Fairy Dust through its Mark collection that adds a bronzy, gold, blushing color for a lot of shimmer and shine. Adding the right amount of gold is just what we should be looking for this summer to turn our outfits from winter drab to summer sizzle.

Try some gold flakes in a manicure

Another way to wear affordable gold is on your fingers and toes. Summer is the time when we take our hands and feet out of hibernation. Wouldn’t it be great to wake everything up with a manicure and pedicure? Essie has been coming out with some interesting colors and this summer is no exception. Essie has a gold polish in Shifting Power which can add a lot of sparkle to your life, and nails. You can also add a little gold to your nails with gold flakes. It can be worn over a complimentary colored polish or alone. Simply apply a clear coat, add flakes with a nail stick then finish it off with a top coat.

So whether you go the traditional route and buy some gold colored, gold plated or the real deal 18K gold jewelry, you’ll always be happy with gold because it’s easy to add to any summer outfit. If gold jewelry isn’t in your budget you can add gold eye shadow or even lipstick. You can have a gold manicure or pedicure. There are many ways to wear gold this summer and they all don’t break the bank. So try a little gold, even if it’s only the color gold, it also very flattering with a slight tan, another summer staple.

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