Monday, May 14, 2012

That Special Look

One of the main reasons I purchase fashion magazines is to get ideas on how to put outfits together. I’m not super astute about what goes with what and how something should be worn. When it comes to new styles or what’s hot this season I become further confused. Putting together an outfit, especially for a special occasion can be very difficult. Most fashion magazines give outfit advice and this month seems to be the time for weddings. A common question is what do I wear for a wedding? Apparently an evening wedding, garden wedding and a regular church wedding may have different requirements. For the first time in many years I will be going to a wedding this July. While I’m not particularly dreading what to wear, since I know the bride really well, I have been giving this outfit a little thought.

First off it will be an evening wedding, this makes it easy. The reception that follows is not a sit down meal but a more casual cocktail party style reception. I’m actually looking forward to this style of wedding because it is unconventional and less stuffy. Traditional weddings with receiving lines, first dances and cake cuttings, while predictable can be a little boring. A cocktail party is rarely boring and with this less structured wedding style a less structured outfit is okay. The little black dress will work perfectly. One of my favorite looks with a little black dress, especially if it has a low neckline, is a mass of pearls. I have a funky pearl necklace with multiple stands of pearls, both cultured and freshwater in different shapes and sizes. It’s the perfect compliment to a little black dress.

Some stylists suggest keeping the jewelry simple when wearing a little black dress because you want the lines of the dress to be the focal point. While this theory is true, don’t over clutter, a little black dress is perfect for a statement piece. Whether that statement piece is a stack of bracelets or large earrings is entirely up to you. Try and place some focus on what you consider your best feature. Outstanding jewelry will always draw the eye. If you want people to see that awesome manicure, try some large bangles or maybe a fabulous cocktail ring. If you want people to look at your face wear a large chunky necklace or several necklaces together wrapped to sit high near your collar bone. This will draw the eye upward towards your face.

While gold is a hot accessory, when wearing a little black dress silver is much more attractive. Years ago colors were given temperatures. You could have your colors “done” and these colors would be in a particular color family. You would be deemed a cool or warm person, not sure if people still do this today. So even if people may not subscribe to this method of finding the best color for you, it is still important to wear colors in the same family for a harmonious look. Black is considered a cool color and cool colors look best with silver. Sterling silver jewelry is both attractive and economical, bonus! So I’ll probably be accessory shopping for this wedding instead of dress shopping which maybe a little easier. One thing to complete this special look is a bold red lip; thank goodness I already have a great lipstick that I adore. One thing I can check off my list.

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