Friday, May 11, 2012

TGIF (Remember the movie?)

These look kind of 1970s

The phrase, “Thank goodness it’s Friday” pretty much sums up my week. Between computer glitches and tough decisions I’m glad this week is over. Funny thing is, this is a popular phrase, so popular in fact that there is a restaurant named for it and even a movie from the 70s. Unfortunately, I vaguely remember this movie and with Dark Shadows coming out this weekend I wonder if there will be resurgence in the 1970s fashion looks. What I can’t remember is what jewelry was worn with fashion in the 70s. There were so many outrageous fashions at that time that jewelry kind of took a back seat.

Love the natural look

I remember wide legged pants, halter tops and really big platform shoes, not looks that should be revisited. Many of the bohemian looks that were held over from the 60s were still popular and this look was conducive to wearing jewelry of the flower child kind. Handmade jewelry with a natural look was popular and the funny thing is we still see jewelry of this kind today. The bohemian look that evolved in the 70s from the hippies of the 60s is still worn to some degree today. It is much more subtle and isn’t an all over look, just pieces that give an outfit a casual flair.

Striking colors

What I love is the natural jewelry or necklaces of differing lengths all wore together. I’ve seen necklaces of natural stone worn with silver chains and it looks really good even with a simple white t-shirt. The warmer weather is coming and jeans and skirts will soon be worn, a bohemian look is perfect. So why not accent your outfit with a few natural looking pieces? Earth Gems is a collection of necklaces that are made from natural stone set with a gemstone of your choice in a silver bezel. They come with either a leather strap or a gunmetal chain. They can be worn together on one chain for a bold statement necklace look or one Earth Gems on a chain for a simple look.

White is very summer

Earth Gems have 1970s flair in a good way. Not too much and they can be worn anyway you like, that’s what is so wonderful about this jewelry. It allows the wearer to customize their look and to match their outfit. So if 70s fashion starts to make a comeback, try some Earth Gems, it’s a look that is fashionable without looking dated.

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